Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! (Kegan)

Hello family, friends, fellow missionaries, and anyone else who might be reading this (which by the way you shouldn´t because your address is totally not in the top box).  This Thanksgiving week flew by like never before in part because there´s nothing special about Thanksgiving here in Chile.  This past Wednesday I was sitting in a members' home, talking with the members of course, when suddenly it hit me that the next day would be Thanksgiving.  It made me think a little bit of the Seventh Harry Potter book when Hermione and Harry are in Godric´s Hollow when they suddenly realize it must be Christmas Eve.  Apart from the fact there really was all kinds of evidence that it was Christmas Eve.  Here it was a different story and I feel it will be frightfully familiar to what will happen this Christmas.  When we ended Sacrament Meeting this Sunday with ¨Cantan los Angeles,¨ I wondered why the heck we were singing Christmas music when I remembered it was the first of December. 
However, I´m happy to hear, from those of you I have heard from, that Thanksgiving was a blast.  This week, despite the lack of humongous amounts of food and the possibility and impossibility of a missing USB drive, was super fun.  We (us four Quintero Elders) started out the week with interchanges, well we meant to.  Tuesday was meant to be our day of interchanges but we had service together that morning and spent the rest of the day shoved in the back of a membe'rs car driving to fix lunch problems, check on a member recently admitted to the hospital, give a blessing to the same member, and then we got caught in a confusion of who was interchanging with who and where, so interchanges were the next day. So that´s that.  However, by Thursday Elder Gomez and I realized we had really low numbers and had taught almost nothing the whole week, regardless we decided to keep working and found seven new investigators in the next three days.  One of these new investigators is Ilda.
Let me tell you about Ilda.
Sunday morning Elders Gomez, Ramirez, McDaniels and I were waiting in the church for a Ward Council that never happened.  While we were waiting, and completely unannounced,  Ilda walked into the building.  She introduced herself and we found out she lived in our side of Quintero (at which point Elder Ramirez left the conversation)  She had almost been Baptized seven years previously but had moved and since then discontinued going to church.  That morning she had decided to attend.  We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she stayed for all three hours of church.  Paying close attention to the testimonies and even occasionly giving thumbs up and saying loudly ¨Bien¨ or ¨Correcto, muy bien¨, she asked earnestly for a himnario and Principios del Evangelio book, and made good friends with two women who she accompanied happily to Relief Society.  We are going to meet with her Wednesday but she is proof that God is preparing people and that he will bless missionaries with work if they are ready and willing.  I am also out of time.
So, just know that I love you guys
Elder Enright

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