Monday, December 16, 2013


Hola hola hola, I´m going to do a shorter email to everyone today due to the upcoming activity on the 23rd for the whole mission and since I won´t be able to email then I am hoping to get all of the skyping/calling plans with my family today. 

First off, I´m glad that it sounds like everyone enjoyed reading about my quite literally explosively painful p-day last week.

First off! All of you wonderful people in Vegas! Missionary or not, I love getting to hear about how Coppercrest is going and I love getting pictures from Elder Stowell and every time I do I get a little pain of trunkiness. I hope you all have an awesome Christmas. I´m going to try Patterson´s email again this time and I guess we´ll see if it goes through this time. Wardells, I hope that you got the address and I would love to get a christmas card whether it´s late or not, I really hope that you guys all have a Merry Christmas and not be prying or anything, but I just want to say that I really wouldn´t mind the recipe for that amazing bread that you would always share with us. If I knew how to make that I would be set for the rest of my mission and maybe a bit fatter by the end of it. Stowell, I don´t know why I never saw them before, but I just saw your turkey bowl pictures for the first time today and I really wish that I could have been there. You know that I´m not even a huge football person ( or a huge person, or a huge football, just to clarify), but I was still jealous. Digging the papa smurf jersey btw, have an awesome Christmas and don´t let any of Sister Dinino´s food go to waste!!

MTC teachers and District members (minus Elder Cannon because technically speaking since he´s in the same mission I can´t email him and Elder Johnson because his email won´t ever work). Pretty much if you fall under the category above, you´re either in Buenos Aires or Provo. Or maybe not, I guess I didn´t think that people would be travelling for Christmas. Nevermind. Firstly, good luck to those of you in Buenos Aires and have a Merry Christmas, we´re at the 1/4th mark can you believe it? I remember being amazed that it was already six weeks and time to leave the MTC, that doesn´t seem like very long ago, we only have so much time out here, aaaahhh! MTC teachers, thank you so much for all the help that I got from you at the MTC. You were right about an accent being important first and the conjugations will come. Also, every day I realize something that you must have been trying to teach me and I wasn´t able to get at the time. But the basics are the things that I did get and those help me learn even a little more every day, Merry Christmas!

Dillon! It´s been forever since we´ve talked, but I really hope that you´re having fun in Chile. Ignore what Kegan said, I´ve only met a few people from Chile, but they all agree that even if they don´t have everything in Chile, they have more than Argentina (as in stuff like food that I used to think would always be easy to find, well . . . it´s not).

Isaac! I have no idea what it must be like to be living in Japan, all I do know is a little about being a missionary. It's the same work that you´re doing over there.  Something I´ve always found to be awesome is how global the church is structured, you´ll be teaching and doing the same things that I´ll be doing here! Only speaking and writing a more difficult language and surrounded by short Japanese people instead of short Argentinians.

Sam!! I would beware if I were you, I keep hearing that Carnival is getting closer and closer (duh, but since I don´t actually know the date I kind of had to say something dumb to bring this up, sorry), but if what I´ve heard is true, the missionaries get a sweet gig in order to get them to stay inside, I guess we´ll see. But good luck and Merry Christmas!

Bailors! Thank you so much for being my amazing parents for about three days a while back, but also remaining friends and writing and for the cookies a long while back. I know it´s been a little while and I´m sorry, but I just want to wish you a merry christmas, I miss snow more than I ever thought I would, enjoy it for me, will you?

Family, I´m actually going to write to you all in a bit so just be patient!

Elder Enright

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