Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Navinavinavinavidad!!! (Rhys)

WOOOOHHHOOOOOO! look who got permision yesterday to have an hour to write to his family and read/print out emails and pretty much get to finalize plans for skype!? Okay, so pretty much every single person in La Gran MisiĆ³n Argentina Resistencia. . . Including meeee!! But, considering that I pretty much know exactly what I´m going to be doing to call my family tomorrow, all of you lovely people are in luck and get to read another wonderfully crafted email from one of the hottest places on earth, for those of you wondering where that is, you really should already know.

       Last week when we all got to email and normal p-day stuff, we all received an email "reminding" us that for the activity on the 23rd (yesterday) we all needed to buy a present of no more or less than ten pesos. Well, I don't know if just me and my whole district missed the earlier memo or if something else may have happened, but we pretty much were looking for something good to give as a ten peso gift for the 23rd activity. While contacting houses and in between lessons, we´d walk by the little kioscos in our area and try to find something for only ten pesos that didn´t really really stink as a Christmas gift. For only ten pesos. Just a little fun fact here, ten pesos doesn´t get you too much here in the way of Christmas gifts. I ended up getting a really tiny and cheap flashlight and some water balloons, not much, but something. SO all prepared for the activity, yesterday morning we all ( all the formosa missionaries that is, 3 of the zones at least) loaded onto a large colectivo (big bus thingy) and headed off to Resistencia. We arrived and pretty much everyone wanted to talk in the exact same spot outside the chapel, making moving around or finding anyone nearly impossible. But I met up with Elder Cannon and we watched the Christmas devotional in the chapel and after there was picture taking and lunch and the white elephant activity and music. All in all it was pretty awesome, but now I feel really stupid cause there´s something kind of major that I actually forgot to tell you guys.

 I have a new companion. He´s from Santiago Chile and his name is Elder Marilaf and I´m pretty much super grateful for the oportunity to get to serve in my area still, just with a new companion. So now I have my own Chileano companion and we´re working hard to find new investigators.  I love Elder Marilaf and we´re having fun.

And last, but certainly not least (I did promise to keep you updated) just this last Wednesday, first day of transfers and first day in this area with my new companion, I got the double dragon again. Pretty much what happened last time just without leaving the pension for a few hours and without the call with president. Instead I had the oportunity to call the mission presidents wife and pretty much say in Spanish "Hi, I am sick again, what do I do? Same thing, basically? Great, I love pepto bismol." Though really this time I also had to call a doctor and keep him updated because it was only nine days since I had the same thing and basically keep him updated on my problems.

I´m out of time now, but I really wanted to say Feliz Navidad to everyone (especially my family) and Happy Birthday(!!) to my Baby sister and my large headed little brother, I miss you all and can´t wait to see you tomorrow!!

ELder Enright

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