Monday, December 2, 2013

Wow, this is later than usual. (Rhys)

Hello, I know I usually start out with Hola, but considering that this past week was Thanksgiving week, I´m going to admit that I really really missed America the whole week. America, where you can walk down the streets and not have to look out for crazy dogs that´ll jump up and try to bite your face off or crazy horses go running by. America, where you wouldn´t have to be accustomed (not sure if I spelled that right) to the smell of poop and rotting dead dog at literally every corner. America, where we have flippin´ internet in our homes or libraries and not cybers that you pay for and then one p-day try to use only to find that all of them are unavailable within a 20 mile radius and you have to go a long way on the bus to use a computer really late to communicate with the outside world and wonder if they´ll all get your slight hint at what your p-day was like. Yeah, America is pretty great. 

 Luckily, down in the part of America that´s south and isn´t really like the rest of America at all but for it´s name, we had a little Thanksgiving celebration of our own. As a district, we purchased chickens and potatoes for a member of ours who upon hearing about Thanksgiving offered to do something for us if we wanted. Well we really, really, really wanted to do something. So this one amazing member (Hermana Rivas whose computer I may also be using in a few weeks to Skype back to the greatest family ever) cooks these potatoes and chickens perfect for us to take home after a long day of proselyting to eat and have our own tiny thanksgiving, it was rather awesome. Other than that, it rained, all week. Not even kidding, nothing else really happened out of the ordinary other than the rain and mud. 

I love you all and I hope you know that despite how much I may miss America (northern part now) I am having a blast down here. (sometimes literally, when lots of kids in our area love to light off fireworks in the streets, which is like every day)

Elder Enright

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