Monday, December 16, 2013

Zone Conference (Kegan)

Hi Everybody!   It´s so close to Christmas and I barely seem to notice it over here, sadly.  Although we have had Christmasy thingies (I stand by that description) this week and promises of more.

Just Last p-day we received emails that our zone would have it´s conference with the president this Tuesday and the theme would be Christmas (who would´ve guessed it?) and so we would need to buy a gift that would be able to help a missionary.  We also were told a general authority would be coming and so were expected to arrive early and with shiny shoes and short hair, neither of which I had.  So we spent this past Monday preparing for the next day, the one problem was that all the salons here close at about 1:00 or soon after. So we went to Jaqueline´s house after she offered us the use of her hair-machine-thingy.  My companion proceeded to shave the heap of hair off my head so that I would be presentable, at least according to the ¨short hair¨request, for the next day.

During our zone conference the next day the president gave us all another Book of Mormon for our Christmas gifts with an extra piece of paper taped onto the inside cover and I received another notebook and more pencils from a random Elder or Hermana in the mission.  

This week we have visited Hilda and Victor a lot to prepare them for their interviews.  

Victor has recently had a lot of things happen to him.  Two weeks ago one of his sons committed suicide and he had been visiting his daughter who lives several hours away all of last week.  While he was visiting his daughter a dog attacked his younger son who lives with him and his house was robbed while he was gone.  When he told us all that he had been going through recently I was thinking a lot about what I should or could say or even do to help him.  But he quickly added to his stories that he feels now more than ever the need to be baptized.  He´s more than proof of how much a strong testimony can bless our lives.

We taught Hilda this week about tithing.

I am hoping to stay here for Christmas but we don´t know yet because changes are on the 18th, one week before Christmas.  Either way it should be great, but still better here in Quintero.  Wherever all of you guys are right now, Japan, Chile, Argentina, Colorado, Arizona, Brazil (maybe?), Feliz Navidad!

Elder Enright

Goodbye golden locks of beautiful hair!
Christmas Zone Conference (Vina and Valparaiso zones)


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