Monday, January 20, 2014

7 weeks without asistencia!!!! (Rhys)

As you may or may not have guessed from the title of the email, I am a litte bit more than a little frustrated right now, and my companion with me. Asistencia (for those who thought the word meant assistance in spanish like I did for a long while) means attendance, in this case, attendance at the church building. We have several very cool investigators, but that only makes it all the worse when they don´t come to church. I want to talk/write about two in particular real quick because my family has been lacking an email of their own these past few weeks and the guilt has built up quite a bit .

       Graciela and Lucila are two of our investigators, Graciela lives with her daughter, Lucila, right next to the house of a less active member. One night about two weeks ago now, Elder Valle and I were trying to get in contact with the member Paloma who we decided wasn´t at home after clapping our hands in front of her door for about two minutes. Her neighbours were sitting out, drinking mate and chatting and obviously wanted nothing to do with the two mormon missionaries furiously trying to sit down and teach someone, so obviously we went and talked to them. At first, they were a little wary of us, but we kept talking to them until they let us into their front little patio thingy and got us chairs so we could sit and talk. And boy did we. They had lots of questions about what we do and what´s the church like and Elder Valle and I answered questions until eventually it led to teaching the first lesson. We left them with commitments to read and pray and a pamphlet about the Restoration. Two days later we visited again and Graciela (the Mom) told us just how she felt when she first met us and that normally she would have told people like us to beat it (in spanish) , but that when we came up she felt completely fine and peaceful and just wanted to keep feeling that way, so she let us in. Now we visit and teach them when we can find them and they are easily the coolest investigators that I have had. Just the last lesson that we had (Plan of Salvation, we don´t always teach in the same order here) I asked Graciela if she remembered who it was we lived with before being born and she responded, "with our father (in spanish)" and who´s that? Graciela looked me in the eyes and said very seriously "Joseph Smith." Needless to say, she was joking and we all had a good laugh before she responded seriously, but she´s just so Mormon already and that´s what makes it all the more frustrating that she and her daughter still haven´t made it to church (the first time was because Graciela had to rush to the hospital for her sister, understandable) so we´re going to work with Graciela and Lucila and our other investigators so that they can understand the importance of commitments and commandments.

A quick comment of  something that has freaked me out this past week. The amount of people that have asked me to leave my eyes behind or switch my eyes with theirs. I appreciate that you like them, but I need them.

Also, something I forgot to explain last time, Elder Pendrive is one of the many names that people say here in place of the name on my plaque.

ELder Enright

P.S. Hi Dinino Family!!! I cannot begin to describe how much I have been craving ginger caramel recently.

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