Monday, January 13, 2014

Elder Pendrive.... (Rhys)

 Hola hola long list of people in the "to" box, including family, friends, fellow missionaries, and teachers, and don't  worry I just separated "friends" and "missionaries/teachers" to be more specific. 

Hi to Elder Cipriano and Hermana Long (two of the missionaries from the greatest zone that ever was in Vegas) and I think that´s everyone new (Stowell was in the zone too, but you´ve been getting these for a while, Stow-ell). 

 I really don't have a lot of time, but we´ll see what I can fit in since I say the same thing every time and end up writing a lot (mas o menos). This week we had interviews with our mission president, President Heyman (if you´re new to the list of people reading this, then you may not have heard that I have a fetching awesome mission president, but I do, my mission president is fetching awesome). So the week started out like every other week (visiting our investigators and figuring out why they didn´t attend church this past Sunday while desperately searching for new investigators. All. The. Time.) But this time everything was done with the anticipation of interviews and the food that that would mean for lunch on Friday (the day that we had interviews and one day out of two in the week that we don´t have lunch with members) and also there was something else that kind of had our whole district ruffling it´s feathers (why not?). Not too long ago, one of the assistants to the president told us that he would be seeing us soon. . . because he was going to do divisions in our area. BUM BUM BUUUMMMMM!!  Just a heads up, these things aren´t normal here.To have the APs do divisions in your area, obviously you´d have to be a ZL first to anticipate this. But they were talking to us, as a district, and that is what we were kind of scared of for most of the week. Okay, more excited than scared, but slightly scared. The day turned out to be Thursday, the day right before the interviews, when we got a call from the assistants that they´d be in our area ready to do divisions at 7. Oh yeah, the call came at 6:10. So Elder Valle and I had a real quick lesson with the mom of one of our investigators who is never at home (hey, but usually her mom hides from us, so this is something) and then booked it back to the pension to wait for the APs. As it turned out, the APs went on splits with the two senior comps, Elder Valle and ELder Mudrovich and ELder Batt and I went and worked in my area together. Kind of dissapointing and relieving at the same time that we wouldn´t be the ones doing the actual dplits for the night (mostly dissapointing). But while walking with Elder Batt, after all of our plans kind of fell through, I saw a pink house. Meaning that we had to try it. Turns out that an old man lives in said house who had contact with the missionaries twenty years ago and then lost them and really really wants to know where our shurch is. So I am really out of time now, but I guess the moral to this story is that you should always hit up the pink house, something like that. Sorry for this email and it´s jumbled-ness (also for all of the spelling mistakes, this Keyboard is super weird to type on and English is starting to escape me).

Elder ENright

Rhys is still camera-less (working on it) but I found this pic of interview day on President Heyman's blog, Rhys really is in it, see if you can find him.

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