Tuesday, January 7, 2014

¡¡¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!! (also this keyboard has those little upside down exclamation mark thingys) (Rhys)

¡Hi everybody!

          If you understood the reference, you likely responded instantly, if you didn´t, than you should feel bad, very very bad. 

          I don´t know about the rest of you, but I was only just getting used to writing 2013 into the date of. . . pretty much everything that I do here. Journal, planner, teaching records, etc. And now it´s not even 2013 anymore, meaning lots of things, including the fact that Bayley will be home by the end of this year. I´m sorry about that Bayley, it had to be said, just don´t think about it. I don´t know how the rest of you celebrated your new years, but in our pension we celebrated the night before without electricity. Something that happens to us a lot is we have our lights cut. We don´t always know why, but every once in a while, our lights go out and we open every single window we can possibly find because no lights means no air conditioning. Yes, we have little boxes of air conditioning-ness in two rooms of our pension and even though one of them doesn´t really work so much as air conditioning as it does as a white noise (this just so happens to be the one that me and my companion get in our room, go figure), they´re still nice to have. But the night that the lights went out (new year´s eve) we had bought everything early on and made plans to eat what the two chilenos in the pension call completos (apparently a highly popular food in Chile, Hot dog, bun, guacamole, not bad). So we just ended up cooking everything while holding flashlights in our mouths to see and make sure that the gas wasn´t leaking too much (just kidding, Mom and Dad). and we kind of had a picnic on the exercise blankets in the middle of the floor of the pension, using our flashlights to look at all of the huge spiders on the ceiling that obviously hide during the day in any nook and cranny (an english phrase that I must admit I miss using, so I´ll use it when I can) that they can find. So yeah, my new years was pretty bomb, especially since there was a huge lightning/rainstorm outside during this (oh yeah, that´s what happened to the electricity) and the lightning that we got that night was way better than the fireworks that our neighbours were ready to shoot off before the storm. Disclaimer, we didn´t have fireworks, but basically how every holiday is celebrated down here is with grills and firerworks, think fourth of July, people.

          One other thing about me and my new companion (Elder Valle, falta solo tres meses para terminar). I said earlier that I couldn´t guess how you were celebrating the new year, but for a good deal of you (all of you that are actually getting this email, I think), I can probably guess how you spent the first Sunday of the year. Trying really hard not to think about food. Yep, this past sunday was Fast Sunday, one of my favorite days to be a missionary as well as one of the most agonizing. Usually we fast together as a companionship, but for this sunday, me and my companion fasted for different reasons and after we broke the fast, sometime later we could tell the other what we fasted for. Well I fasted and prayed for us to find those in our area who are prepared to hear the gospel. This is something that we´ve really been needing because we have very few investigators and contacting everyday to find news and we always find someone, but the trick is to find those prepared to hear the gospel and if necesary, change their lives. So we fasted and searched for investigators or less-actives in our area to walk to church with us and went to church (sadly without any of our investigators, getting people to church is the hardest thing here) and did all that jazz and returned and eventually broke our fasts and ate and studied and went back out to work in the afternoon. So we had plans for every half-hour and back-up plans and the very first of these was an older investigator from a few months back that had attended Church one time but not much else had happened ad far as we could see. We went and visited Silvia Vasquez (oh yeah, that´s her name btw) and we ended up having an awesome lesson about the Book of Mormon and I learned at least as much as she did. SHe´s been visited by lots of missionaries before, but ahe´s always had doubts about the Book of Mormon and why it´s necesary. For this, we bore testimony, read in both the Book of Mormon and the Bible, and she accepted the commitment to read and pray about the Book of Mormon every night this week and we´ll be visiting her when possible, but ohmygosh it was awesome and I can´t wait to teach her more and I know that this is exactly what I was fasting for. BAM the Church is true.

Elder Enright/Henricht

I think that everyone here believes me to be german, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a name that is apparently impossible to pronounce. I should see if I can get a plaque that says Henricht.

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