Monday, January 27, 2014


First off, I really want to say thank you to all of the wonderful people that responded to my last email and thank you for your emails so fetching much!! I love hearing from all of you. Also, sorry because I don´t really have a lot of time and that´s why I am just doing one email to everyone, maybe one day I´ll be able to send some more personal emails if that´s what you´d prefer, but still, thank you all.

Regarding the subject of the email, I am feeling somewhat giddy (and yes, Giddy, not happy or euphoric or another english synonym that I can´t think of right now cause I´m speaking spanish all the time, Giddy, I insist). The cause for my giddyness happens to be what happened this past Saturday and Sunday, but first I´ll start with a little bit earlier.

Monday, the beginning of the week and my Comp. Elder Valle se fue for Resistencia to participate in a a big mission leader thing, I work with Elders Batt and Mudrovich in their area.

Tuesday, Now with my companion, we have a big zone training thingy that takes up all of the morning and so after a late lunch, I go with my comp. to the cyber because now he has to write his family too, and the colectivos insist on being really slow and so we end up starting work in our area around 6 in la tarde.  And now that you kind of have an idea of what happened at the beginning of the week, I think I can speed ahead a little bit to saturday, when we were struggling to meet with our investigators and find news because, hey, that´s what we´re here for and also because the mission is pretty number pressured (I don´t know how to say this exactly in english, they like numbers) at times and as we basically lost two days of work, we were really trying to work like beasts, with very little success.

Something seems to be happening in our area, because people are being more and more unreceptive to the missionaries (us) and more and more. . . well we´ve basically gotten mangos thrown at us by  kids, how's that? But we continued to work harder and harder everyday with a good atitude, because as representantes de Jesucristo, I don´t think that we should throw kids into open sewers. Saturday was the best and worst day of the week, because up to a certain point, we had nothing, all day. We walked and talked and shook hands and passed cards and invitations to the church and really tried to sit down for  a lesson because none of our investigators were at home. Even so, until about 7, nada. But, at 7, we tried a house where we knew lived an older lady who told us to pass by another time (something that usually means we don´t pass by for a long while because some people here say no in different words), and when we clapped our hands like maniacs, out came a boy named Emir. Emir has 14 years and lots of questions and basically we had the greatest lesson that I can remember in my mission, and the best part?? the next day (remember, Sunday?) he came to church with us. YYYYAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! We also went with a boy named Julio who loves the church, but his whole family is inactive. He comes sometimes on his own, but we like to pass by and walk with him to church Sunday Morning. And we all road home after church in the back of a member's truck, a service that is super awesome when we can get it.

Basically, when You think that you´ve gone as far as you can, as far as possible and nothing happens, don´t you dare e discouraged, because all it´ll take is a few steps more for God to step in and show you how it´s done.

Elder Enright

Julio y Yo

The return of the TMNT cup 

The result of an experiment called "Elder enright is only going to wash his own fetchin´dishes for a while"

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