Monday, January 13, 2014

I'm Elder Pendrive too.... (Kegan)

Ho boy!

The week started off pretty stressfully so I´m just going to write really fast and hope it comes out okay (please never quote me and apply that phrase in any other circumstances).

So this Wednesday was scheduled to be our day of interviews with the president, this time, in the pension.  One of our Zone Leaders, Elder Marriot, told me on Sunday during intercambios that the president expected the pensions (I don´t know if I´ve ever explained this but the pensions are our apartments, that´s what they call them here, in our case a cabin) to be perfectly clean. That kind of freaked me out because the Elders who have lived in our cabin in the past had obviously never taken to cleaning it regularly.  To explain I´ll just say there is gunk (good word for it) centimeters thick that covers half the kitchen at the end the oven sits in and that I have been able to clean just a little bit of it every P-day since I got here.  Now that it needed to be spotless, or the complete opposite of what it was at the time, I spent a good two and a half hours cleaning just that part of the kitchen  and lost four green scrubbies and almost a good kitchen knife in the process.  

The next day ( a lo menos me parece así) we had to go to the other Elder´s pension to pick up our lunch for that day.  While we were over there I received a phone cal from an Hermana from our Ward, Belen, who told me she had met someone who ¨...wanted to receive the charlas (lessons) from us and be Baptised.¨ Short, sweet, and to the point.  We went that day to visit Javier who has 9 years  and  whose situation is actually a little complicated. It don't know that we should Baptize him because he will leave in the beginning of February to live in the south with his inactive mother for the rest of the year. That kind of deadened my excitement, but he really and honestly wants to be baptised, we are going to do for him the best that we can. 

Come Wednesday and the President doesn´t even glance in the corner by the oven, I was at least expecting exclamations of astonishment, ridiculous praising of the cleaning I´d done, and a nice big golden-star sticker,  but oh well.  The interviews actually went really well, we forced the president to take a picture and post it on the blog to  discourage the ¨physical, and fatal beatings¨ he had threatened us with. 

At the end of the week we picked up another investigator whose parents are inactives, her name is Natalia and she is currently living with active family members who live pretty darn far from Quinterito, but are still in our area (it is like an hour east of us if you take two busses but go figure)

She really and truly has the desire to be Baptised and just understands the doctrine that we teach her.  She is evidence to me that God is preparing people everywhere to receive his gospel.  As members of his church it is our responsibility to realize when someone has been prepared, to watch and listen (and smell, if that helps you I guess) for opportunities to share the gospel, if you aren´t part of the conversion of these people, you´ll be part of their preparation, which is actually a part of their conversion.  Ya, Olvide me.

CCM!!!:  Elder Stewart!!  Congratulations on the success!  It was great to hear from you man! I can´t fetching believe you guys got an hour and a half to call your families, I got forty minutes! However I´m not going to get jealous because of that or how beautiful I hear the south of Chile is, or that you guys are allowed Zone activities at the beach, you can´t make me.  

Rhys:  Is the title of your email Elder Pendrive because they call you that in Argentina? Because I have had that same thing happen to me, I am now, depending on who you are i'm Elder Pendrive too....,Elder Pendrive, Enrique, Henrich, Enricht, Henrikt, Endry, Henry, and Henrique.  Yeah they all are pretty similar, but the real name is definitely missing.
Elder Enright (or one of the above mentioned, I answer to pretty much all of them now)

Elders Correa and Enright with President Heyman in a really, really clean pension.

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