Monday, January 20, 2014

Let´s admit it, I never put a subject because I can never think of one. (Kegan)

Obviously the subject title is atrocious, but I am having a really hard time forming any sort of thought at the moment so I´ll just start writing.

This week has been super hard, very hard.  Elder Correa and I have walked the entirety of our sector here in Quintero but thanks to the beach fronts that happen to surround us, and to which we are not allowed to go, nobody has been home.  No investigators, references, members (actives or inactives), nobody, kaput. I have obtained a bit of a bitter opinion of summer here in the mission, okay, not summer in general, but the way summer is here in Quintero, yes, definitely.

To keep descriptions brief I´ll just say I realized a couple days ago that I had come to associate the smell of alcohol with men in swimming trunks.  At one point I began to doubt it could really be alcohol and thought that maybe every single man in this town was trying some new sort of cologne.  Alas, it´s still just alcohol.  At least there is the occasional drunk man who will tell you straight up he´s hammered, but would love to listen to the missionaries when he is a little more coherent, right before he tells you how much he loves you and smooches your companions hand.  Soooo yeah.

BUT!! in other news.  My companion and I, as well as from what I hear many others, have learned a good deal about the power of honest prayer.  We have begun to think very hard in our decisions when work is seemingly nowhere to be found before asking in prayer what is it we should do.  Just yesterday it felt like another day that would be without a single lesson taught.  In that moment my companion reminded me to think and to pray.  Soon we were walking to the house of a less active sister (Hermana Jocelyn) whose husband (Juan-Carlos) isn´t a member...yet.  We shared ¨once¨ (elevensies) with them and two friends (Javier, member, Ivan, not member) who were visiting.  Later we shared a little about the Book of Mormon and we will continue teaching Juan-Carlos and Ivan tomorrow night.  What was even better was that the Hermana told us later after the lesson that she had felt very strongly that ¨...Ahora es el tiempo a poner las pilas para bautizar su esposo.¨ It´s a weird way to say it, (time to put in the batteries in order to baptize her husband) but it means Baptism for Juan-Carlos even if his mom is as scary and anti-Mormon as I have heard.

Another very awesome moment of yesterday (?! my english stinks) was when Victor received the Aaronic Priesthood.  He has been feeling a little unprepared but has been reading and studying a lot.  What makes me the happiest is the faith and trust he has in us and as our role as representatives of Jesus Christ here to help him.  He felt more than unprepared for baptism when I first met him months ago,  the same went for when we told him he was to receive the priesthood.  But he has very real faith that ¨Whom the Lord calls he Qualifies¨ and those acts of faith have put him where he is now.  His brother who isn´t a member visited him this weekend and came with him to church.  At one moment he came to me and to our Ward mission leader (Hno Bascope) and thanked us for where Victor was now.  He said that he has always worried very much about his older brother but from what he saw in three days visiting just this weekend, he was more than happy for Victor and the changes he has made in his life.  And that made my week.

Oh, and if you are one of those people always searching for free WiFi?  Matthew 16:4

Love Elder Enright 

Quinterito!!! another picture of the awesome peninsula I live on and the beautiful and torturous ocean that fetching surrounds me.

 NEW YEARS ( I just forgot to send it when it actually was new years).

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  1. I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I came across it while looking up news about the Vina del Mar mission where I served 22 years ago (90-92). Anyway your missionaries share such wonderful stories. It's great to hear how missionary work is progressing all over the world. My son is currently serving a mission in the Philippines. Our prayers are with you and your missionaries add the continue to serve the Lord. Thanks again for sharing your blog with all.

    Dan Green