Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NEW YEAR!!!!! (Kegan)

Well, it´s oficially 2014.  2013 came and went super fast ,too fast if you ask me and I´m sure, from what I have yet heard, everybody else.  

Just about six months ago I had just arrived in Mexico and had no idea what I was about to do (literally those of you who are preparing for missions or maybe just thinking about it, you should really start preparing as soon as you can)  

Now I have been serving in Chile for a little over five months and learned so much more than I ever thought I would,and some things that never seemed to valuable or sensible to me either, let me explain

This week I´ve learned how to fill up a baptismal font with trash bucket, vases, cups, and a slightly functionable firehose.  I´ve learned that the entertainment quality of a movie about a missionary talking to some guy on his plane home can be multiplied almost an inumerable amount when it´s New Years, and you really have nothing more to do after midnight.  I´ve had some bad experiences with the buses here in the past but I now know that I have never seen the worst, or most awkward that could happened, for example, butt pinching women sitting on the bus (Don´t fetching objectify me) and bus conductors who are willing to kick missionaries off to fit more and new people on. I have learned to check chocolate packages before eating them, you know in case a recent convert decides to gift alcoholic chocolates to the missionaries.
Amoung all of these well-learned lessons I have been able to take part in this week I have also learned how helpful the members of this church are willing to be, how strong the power of the Book of Mormon and the Holy ghost really are, so much that I know how much it can change people.  

Just one example is Fernando, the husband of a member who lives about a ten minute bus ride and a 15 minute walk from Quintero.  We first visited with him last week, when he couldn´t understand the verses or teachings of the Bible and had no interest in Baptism.  Just this past week he has read just about two chapters and some of the introduction of the Book of Mormon, add the fact that he now praying and he has changed into a man who wants to be Baptised the 2 of Feburary and can understand God´s plan for him here in this earth (Despite what his wife sometimes says, I´ve also learned some member lessons just don´t help)  However, while he is in Santiago for 15 days we will keep in contact and help prepare him for the 2nd of next month.  

I forgot to add, fasting can be a pain and can certainly make fever worse for at least 48 hours, but it definitely works.

Plus, time limits stink.

Elder Enright

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