Monday, January 20, 2014

Part of the Club (Bayley)

If I remember correctly, both of my brothers have beat me in having thrown up on their mission already.  Or maybe it's just Rhys.  But nevertheless, I have joined the club.

This week was a little different, owing mostly to the fact that Thursday morning I woke up to the sound of my companion barfing her guts out, which is always a good sign.  Now, in missionary life you are up at 6:30 and out the door for exercise.  So I go hesitantly over to Sister Boam, knowing that puking is not a good sign and wondering how we were to get our daily exercise in, and she sees me and first thing she says is "I can't go out today" and then commenced throwing up some more.  So yes, I had my first sick day on the mission, in which my companion was violently ill and I was obsessively Clorox-wiping every surface while spending my time as productively as I could (color coding all our maps and records and ward directories) until, not too many hours into the day, I too was barfing my guts out.  Really, not a pleasant experience.  But I was glad to have gotten it over with and be sick at the same time as my companion, since there are few things worse than being in the same tiny enclosed apartment as a sick person, just knowing you're next, and wondering when it will hit and should you like write out your will or something.  But anyways, the best part was that the next morning our alarms went off and 6:30 and out the door we went to get to work.  Of course, we were a bit slower that day since we hadn't eaten anything and were still feeling pretty sick, but we were determined.  Funny thing, sort of, well actually not really, but anyways, that next day we had our district meeting, after which our district leader, Elder Bock, declared that we would have lunch at Freebirds, a burrito place I've been wanting to go to in forever.  Of course.  And so I thought about it, thought about how I hadn't eaten anything and was only just getting down some juice and crackers, and would it really be smart to get a giant burrito?  But then we walked into the restaurant and I was just like "whatever I'm getting a burrito," and about four bites in I realized: I've made a huge mistake.  So yeah, one time I spend all day throwing up and then ate a burrito.  I wouldn't suggest it.  That night Sister Boam and I had to make and emergency trip to the store to buy juice and crackers since that was all we could hold down, and as we stood at the register with three giant bottles of juice all I could think of was: unlimited juice?  This party is going to be off the hook.

Despite the sick day, this week we saw some truly incredible miracles.  But what else is new?
So on Saturday we had our missionary correlation meeting with the ward missionaries, which was running a bit late and making us late for our 12 appointment, but for some reason we were like "yes, but we should stay for the whole meeting."  Usually our appointments take precedence, but we both felt like we should stay, so we did.  As soon as it got out, we hurried over to our appointment to find that he was not home.  A little put down, we were headed back to our car when two men sitting on the porch waved to us.  We waved back and decided we might as well go over and talk to them because, you know, we are missionaries after all.  And they are just amazing.  They told us about how they want to have a better relationship with God, that they need their lives to change.  And we, of course, were like "WE CAN DO ZAT!" because even though we can't change anything about anyone, the gospel can - and we do have that.  After we finished talking to them we were headed back to our car and bumped into Richard, the guy who we had a 12:00 appointment with but he hadn't been home.  He apologized for not being home and told us that he'd had to be over helping his grandmother that morning, but we were able to set up a return appointment to go back to see him.
Now, let's think about this.
If the meeting hadn't ran late, we wouldn't have gotten to the apartment complex just in time to meet Jose and Johnny, and to then be able to run into Richard who wouldn't have been there had we shown up right on time at 12.
Coincidence?  I think not!

One of the most amazing things about being a missionary is that God is 100% involved in 100% of the work we do.  No question about it.

Another story.
So we've been teaching this 13 year old girl Delilah who is absolutely AMAZING.  I love her.  And on Sunday, she came to church!  Which is super exciting. But anyways, so after church we went over to her house and took Sister Macias with us.  Now here is the catch about teaching Delilah.  She speaks English, but her parents speak Spanish.  They both understand the other language, but don't really speak it.  So when teaching Delilah and her sister, we can't really talk with their parents, which we like to be able to do as missionaries.  Enter Sister Macias, who can speak both.  Saved.  She and Delilah's mom talked FOREVER and basically she is super supportive of Delilah and her sister (Nicole) and loves having us meet with them and she just loves the missionaries and also her family in Mexico is being taught by missionaries and they love the missionaries, and pretty much it was super great to be able to talk with her.  But anyways, so Delilah starting telling us about how much she had loved church and wanted to go to mutual and girls camp and everything, and then she started talking about how much things have changed between her and her sister since we've been coming over.  How there's just been more peace, how Delilah is happier, how Nicole is nicer.  That, my friends, is the Spirit.  That same spirit that Delilah has had the hardest time feeling like she feels or has in her life.  So as soon as she told us this, we right away whipped out our scriptures and showed her how that *is* the Spirit, that she is feeling it in her home.  And when we asked her what that meant to her, she said "well, that God is real.  That he really is helping me.  And that this is what he wants me to do because it's true."  BAM.  It was so amazing.  I was grinning like an idiot because that's what I do when the Spirit is that strong, and when I can feel just how much Heavenly Father loves his children - how much he loves Delilah.  Hands down, that is one of my favorite things about being a missionary.  We get to see people the way God sees them.  We get to feel the love He has for them, even those of course His is infinitely more.

God is amazing.
This gospel is amazing.
Missionary work is amazing.

Yesterday the elders were teasing me because I was talking about how I didn't want to have to ever take my name badge off, and they were saying I was like Gollum - "my preciousss..." but seriously it's true.  This work is the best thing ever.

Keep praying for the missionaries, I know you guys all are because I can see it every day.
Sister Enright

District at the Battleship Texas

Most of the zone

Drama shot

Elder Poplin, Hermana Tonga, Sister Enright

So the Hermanas took care of us while we were we heart attacked them

Proof that I'm an artist really

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