Monday, January 27, 2014

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I am low on time so please forgive spelling errors, lets admit it you´ve thankfully already been ignoring them because I know I make more than a few every time.

So I´m going to start with Monday, because Monday was pretty weird, ok not weird but complicated.  To begin, you should know that in order to get our clothes washed we have had to haul our bags of clothes over to an hermana´s house to have them washed every Monday. But two weeks ago she got pretty sick and so hasn´t been doing that for a while now. The next week the bishop told us he could wash our clothes, but he couldn´t have our clothes ready until that Saturday, which was something of a disaster for us near the end of the week so we kept looking.  Then an hermana from the ward finally offered us her washing machine, as in we could go to her house P-day to wash our clothes. 

So this monday I hauled my gigantic Batman bag to this hermana´s house where we started making completos (hot dogs with tomatoes and avocado) and washing our clothes.  However there were some complications with the amount of time it was taking and we ended up carrying grocery bags of wet clothes back to our pension and hanging them around the pension to dry, making it look a bit like we celebrate the end of January by plastering our walls with wet clothes, but why not?

Sudden change of subject

Natalia is an investigator we have who´s family are almost all members, minus her mother (but I´ve never met her, literally she doesn´t even want to see us) anywhooo, Natalia lives with her grandmother who lives about a 55 minute bus ride that includes two buses from the Chapel.  Meaning I have spent a fetching lot of money on travels this week because the buses charge too much.  Natalia originally had a baptismal date for this past Sunday (26) but she kind of left us for a while until telling us this week that she wants to baptized now.  So we met with her earlier this week and moved the date to the 2nd, even though she has assisted church more than the necessary 3 times, in order that we would have time to prepare her for her baptism. 

Let me just throw in some highlights of the week.  

Meeting with less actives.

Confirming with an investigator who is adventista del septimo dia that he actually hadn´t read what we left him and re-commiting him to complete with his commitments


Finding three new investigators who all are actually not in our sector but lie on the other side of Quintero.


Elder Enright

 I felt a ridiculous amount like Hiemlich the Caterpiller but with good reason, those leaves are ginormous!

We´re the only ones on the bus!!

Not my baptism but it is in my Ward here, Elders McDaniel and Wadman and familia Aguilar

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