Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week 1 2 3 4.. . . . whatever it is (Rhys)

Hola everybody!!

       I really really do not have very much time so I´m going to write this all very fast and see what we have in the end. Sorry to my family that I wasn´t able to write yesterday, that was due to a little capacitación that all of the "new" missionaries in our mission had with our awesome president in the awesome Capilla in Resistencia. The deal was that all Elders or Hermanas with 3 months or less in the mission would attend to recieve a training on how to be a better teacher/missionary. Technically speaking, I have six months in the mission, but since fewer than 3 of those months have been in Argentina, I also counted as a new missionary and got to participate in the training. Meaning that I got up really early to take a remis to the terminal with two other newish elders in our district (Batt and Allen) and we took a colectivo on a two hour (más o menos) trip to Resistencia. It also means that I got to see Elder Cannon again and pretty much nail the practices together with him. Every training has a practice in it where we watch a demonstration of how to teach something particular or do a street contact all done wonderfully by our president and his assistants, and then we practice ourselves in little groups of threee or four. It was super awesome to get to teach with ELder Cannon again and see just how far we´ve come since the MTC, with spanish and with teaching. 

       But speaking of old compañeros, remember when I told you all about my new Chileno comp, Elder Marilaf? yeah he´s an old comp now since I only got to be comps with him for one week and now have another companion, but in one week, Elder Marilaf and I had fun working and there´s at least one story that I´d like to relate from when I got to work with him.

      FIrst off, In my area, there´s a house that we really try not to pass by very often, or at all if we can manage it, because in this particular house lives la Mujer Loca. This lady is always making catcalls at us if she sees us, threw a lemon at an elder once, and also once tried to punch that very same Elder. We´re all pretty sure she´s had plans to kill an ELder for a long time (dislaimer, that was a joke, I think). So I was contacting with Elder Marilaf, something that we did a lot of, contacting is still something that we do lots of every day, but anyway. Elder Marilaf and I were talking to this one kid who had just lied to us shamelessly that his parents were sleeping and, oh, in fact they just left, somehow while still sleeping and while we could see them not trying very hard to hide at the side of the house. Someone calls over to Elder Marilaf to get his attention, but from where I´m standing, Elder Marilaf and a tree is actually blocking my view of who he´s talking to. This person wanted us to come over and talk to them and it was just the next house over, so Marilaf turned and gestured to me that we should make our way to their house. When he turned I saw who had called us over, la Mujer Loca. And I hadn´t actually told Elder Marilaf yet about her. So while we´re walking for the house, I´m trying to explain rapidly that this lady is crazy and we should book it, but Elder Marilaf just says, "we´ll see" (in spanish of course, I´m just going to write all in english and you can pretty much assume that it was in spanish) So we shake hands with this crazy lady who then leaves to bring out chairs, all with this creepy smile thing on her face. I kept trying to tell ELder Marilaf that we need to leave as soon as we can, but we ended up staying and talking to this lady that I must say was the calmest I have ever seen her, but still crazy. We learned so many interesting things in just ten minutes, like we found out out that her name is Cristiana and her brother ressurected himself, but didn´t do it quite right so he´s kind of weird now. Or that she makes frequent trips to the cemetary for bones to cut up and bury in her yard. Needless to say, after the bone comment was when Elder Marilaf decided we needed to split and we decided to leave a very brief message and insist that we had to leave and that no, sorry we´d love to go inside her house to chat more, but we really had to go. 

       It was all very fun/interesting/kind of creepy, but we made it out alright in the end and now I have a new Chileno named Elder Valle for a comp. But I still get to work in Lujan and we have some new investigators we´re working with! WOOHOO! Happy birthday Noah, and Feliz Año Nuevo!!

Elder Enright

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