Monday, February 17, 2014

A Few Things..... (Rhys)

Before I get going, I just thought that I might clear up a few things. first off, the wormy water. Mom, I´m glad you asked; I may have been somewhat depressed had my mother not commented on this and that may be all I wanted to say about that. Oops, not. The thing is that A: I have a water filtering bottle that I bought before the mish, B: I have another one that I got at the MTC because they don´t want us to die. That´d be bad, Thanks MTC!! Because seriously, for the first two transfers here in Argentina, I drank all of my water from one of those two bottles. filling them up and leaving one in the fridge and always switching them out to have cold water cause a tank on the roof apparently gets heated up by the sun, hmmm, who knew? After the red worm incident, I still continued to drink everything through these bottles. . . I just boiled it beforehand. So that´s actually what happened, Mom, sorry to worry you, but thanks for worrying.

Kegan and Isaac. Kegan, I know Elder Brough quite well, cause he lives right next to me here (not for too much longer, he and his comp got a new pensh and are on their way to move to that one soon). Isaac, he also says he knows Elder Chug and Hermana Padelsky. In fact, Elder Brough says that he´s best friends with all of them, but I wouldn´t trust him on that one, he´s got shifty eyes.

Yep, I think that that´s all that I wanted to say about that, and now on to something interesting about this week, It's actually harder to think of something that wasn´t awesome about this week. So I´m just going to tell one of the coolest things that happened and then send my wonderful parents and their snot-nosed-brats an email.

This particular story is about how Elder Ratliff (you were right Kegan, he is short, there are lots of comments about that here) and I found and ended up teaching Sergio and Gisela. So Ratliff and I have a ton of references, mostly cause they kept stacking up as we try time and time again to contact the ones that we have while collecting new ones, but hey, whos going to complain about references?? We´ve had this one for a while for a house right next to a less active member (a really nice grandma lady who´s only less active because sometimes it´s tough to leave her house and she really loves us to pass by and gives us cookies. Old nice grandma ladies that gave us food were only a legend to me and my comp in Formosa and I always wanted to meet one and oh yeah that´s another thing that I wanted to tell my Mom about, you asked where exactly I was in my last area: Formosa, formosa capitol, Barrio Lujan. Technically a part of the capitol city, but way out there.) and we´d never been able to catch someone at home, until this week as you may have guessed. We tried one  afternoon and the man named Sergio opened the door (literally looks like the Argentinian version of Tobias from Arrested Development). He actually closed the door behind him and began to tell us that he really wasn´t interested at all. So we got to talking more to him and found out that he actually doesn´t believe that God or anything like God exists. Some more talking revealed that before, he had been a little religious, but his only son died at 13 and not too long after that, the place where he worked burnt down. So Ratliff and I don´t really know what to say about the work, but we do have something to tell him about his son. So we shared a little about the plan of salvation on the doorstep and Sergio invited us in. After one of the most reverent lessons that I have had on the plan of salvation, Sergio wanted us to come back soon so that he and his wife (can´t think of the word in English, it´s not wife cause they´re not actually married yet, but they basically are, if you know what I mean, I know that Kegan does) and He also really wanted to come to church with us. He didn´t end up coming because his wife worked this Sunday and they told us that they want to go together sí o sí and so we´re making plans for next week. But this experience and the opportunity to know these two people and to have the opportunity to share that plan of salvation with two who have lost their only child made me super grateful for this plan and just how darn tooting perfect it is. To every doubt and question that Sergio had, we didn´t have the answer, but the plan of salvation did. What happens if someone dies before having been baptised? what about younger children? or what about how we can actually live together forever? every part of the plan is there to catch us if we ever fall and give us another chance to achieve the salvation that is so clearly the goal of the plan.

I´m super grateful for the plan, and also for the family that I get to spend it forever with, in the meantime, here´s a cartoony looking car in our area.

Elder Enriqué

Pension, study

Study 2


Bedroom  (all 4 Elders sleep in one room because it has air conditoning)



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