Monday, February 17, 2014

Ateos, French Toast, The Spirit, LETTERS!, and more Missionary Work!!! (LOOK I got a subject in!) (Kegan)

Yes, yes thank you very much, I was finally able to organize my thoughts to create a subject for this email, even though it doesn't appear organized in any way, However, rest assured that my brain has worked on higher levels in the past, (Thumbs up!)

So we will start with number one, ATEOS.  To clarify I am speaking of athiests (Ateo is en Español)  ¨Why?¨ you mights ask am I talking about atheists, because this past Monday, after an extensive trip to Viña, we were finally able to go to work again and so we went to try and contact a couple of referrals and past contacts we had made in the Bunker (big apartment complex).  We knocked on a door we had contacted a while back and a twenty-something year-old man opened the door and almost instantly started asking us questions about what he had heard from his parents, whom we had contacted the first time.  We talked a bit at the door but then explained a little bit about our message (You know, eternal Salvation and whatnot) so he let us in (FOOL! haha!) and we got to know him.  His name is Gonzalo, although he was raised Catholic, like his parents are, he is atheist but interested in what we share about the Book of Mormon.  We passed by again later in the week with our Bishop and had an excellent lesson with him.  With the Bishop we talked about the restoration, but a lot about conversion as the Bishop could relate a lot with Gonzalo, having been in very similar one before his own conversion.  Gonzalo, although he claims to not believe in God, pays more attention than any other investigator I have had in the mission, literally.  He told us before we´d finished the lesson with our Bishop that he really felt an interest to know if God exists.  He also takes faith and prayer super seriously.  For him it is important for us to help him understand the power of faith, but also to show him the faith he does or can have, because  ¨.. Faith without works is dead.¨ that´s why he needs to pray. 

Later in the week I got to have interchanges with Elder Nash,  we had an awesome time together, we talked with a lot of people in the street, but my favorite part may have been the excitement Elder Nash has to be a missionary, it really made me open up my eyes because...well holy Fetch, I'm a missionary!!  I also may have lied because that night of interchanges might have also been  better.  Elder Nash brought the Maple syrup that Elder McDaniels had foolishly left behind and we made FRENCH TOAST!!!! (Plus, Elder Nash tells me Frozen was amazing, shoot!)

The next morning We continued to search for people to talk to.  On the way to lunch I recognized Leonor and Felipe, two new investigators I had found with Elder Gomez, but had essentially dropped because I never found them once in the last change.  I felt super impressed by the spirit to go and talk to them even though we were late for lunch.  What was amazing was that they recognized me, I had never thought we had left a strong impression with them, but that tells you what I know.  We will pass by today, but it sounds like it will still be hard to find them at home.  I guess I've learned I should have worked harder to find them, but that means I won't make the same mistake this time.  

Something i FORGOT TO MENTION WAS THAT ahhhhhh CAPS lock!  Ok, we're good, Anywhoo, This past Wednesday I got Letters !!!!!  Thankyou guys so much!! for those letters, Isaac I didn't get one from you yet but I doubt somebody messed with it, there are less problems with that here than in Mexico. Thank you LaFonds for your letter, I now have pictures of more of my extended family to show off to the members here. 

Rhys: do you know an Elder Brough, because he´s got a friend here in Viña named Elder Ethington, we got to talking

Isaac, the same Elder knows two other missionaries over there in Japan, an Elder Chug and an Hermana Padelsky.  I pads still sound so cool.

Until next P-day I eagerly await all of the fan mail that is bound to arrive.
Love you guys

Elder Enright
Elder Guapo y Elder Nash on interchanges
French toast!
The district leaders' suppllies.
On the way to Stake Conference  Christian (Future Elder ), My Comp, and Hna Brenda
Hno Bascope (ward mission leader), Elder Wadman, (DL), and Elder Correa
Coming home after Stake Conference, waving at Mom

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