Monday, February 24, 2014

"He's got the sassiness, he's got the perfect hair, is there anything Jesus can't do?" (Bayley)

^ Possibly my favorite investigator quote of all time.  But I'll get to that.

First of all - I got to go to the temple this last week!  AHHHH I love the temple.  There is something truly magical about going there, and it brings me more peace than anywhere else on earth.  Seriously.  As many of you may know, stressing out is a talent that I always have possessed, and this week was no exception to that, but when I'm at the temple, it's like physically impossible to stress out.  No joke.  I tried, trust me, but you just can't be stressed out at the temple.  Which is why sometimes I feel like I just go there and live there for like weeks on end, but unfortunately that's not the way it works.  But at least I got to go there for a day.  Going to the temple just makes life easier.  It renews you and strengthens you and reminds you of what is really important.  

And so, in accordance with this, my determination to work harder, I returned to my area to make the attempt.  Starting with: contacting.  So here's the thing about missionary work - I know that everyone around me, EVERYONE, is a child of God and needs to learn about his gospel.  That's just a fact.  And since we're the ones who share that particular message, we need to talk to everyone - EVERYONE.  Seriously.  Like that guy walking his dog.  The people washing their car.  That lady out walking to work.  Anyone and everyone.  We talk to them all - or "contact" them all (mission lingo). And's awkward.  Probably the most awkward contact of the week would be when I went up to these two girls and after referring to them as such realized that one of them was totally a guy (tip - if you're a 13 year old guy who wears skinny jeans and long hair, don't get offended if some people think you're a girl) but then as I started talking to them as soon as I mentioned we were from a church the guy just turned around and stood there with his back turned the entire time while I talked to the other girl (who was actually a girl).  Yeah.  Oh the awkward moments of missionary life.  They never end.

But some miracles for you.

We found another lost Spanish sheep this last week.  Which means we were out walking and this guy comes up to us who can't speak English (so basically just another day in Pasadena) but between our broken Spanish and his broken English we learned that he was a member of the church who had moved here from Mexico months ago and didn't know where the church was, if there even was one.  So of course we did some number exchanging and some awkward Spanglishing, but then he was at church yesterday.  Such a miracle that we were at that exact place at that exact time for him to be found.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Another miracle is Delilah.  Remember Delilah?  I know I've talked about her before.  She's amazing.  I love her so much.  We found her a little over a month ago and have been teaching her ever since, and in the time I've been working with her I've seen the gospel change her life.  She's become happier, she reads and understands the Book of Mormon, she comes to Young Womens every week.  And this coming Sunday, if all goes according to plan, she's getting baptized.  I'm so ridiculously excited for her.  As part of preparing her for her baptism, we went over the other day to watch a church DVD, Finding Faith in Christ, with her.  If you haven't seen it, it is basically like a 20 minute long film that depicts the life of Christ.  Well, we get to the scene where Christ is resurrected and comes to see Mary, and she turns around and sees him and of course he is all resurrected and glorious, and he comes on the screen and Delilah, sitting next to me, goes "gosh his hair is so perfect, that's not fair."  But wait, it gets better.  Then the scene comes where he shows himself to his apostles, and Thomas of course has been kind of doubting and finally feels the prints in the Lord's hands and believes, and Christ says something along the lines of "because you have seen, you have believed, blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe" and Delilah goes "oohh need some ice for that BURN" and then after a few minutes reflecting on that, she says "he's got the sassiness, he's got the perfect hair, is there anything Jesus *can't* do?" at which point Sister Crump and I basically lost it.  Best commentary to a church movie ever.

But anyways.  Thank you all for your emails and prayers.  I hope you all have the greatest week, full of cookies and sunshine and daily prayer.  I love you!
Sister Bayley Enright

Elder Sarchet, Sister Enright and Elder Poplin

me and Elder Bock our district leader with Elder Poplin creepin the background

Sister Crump, Sister Enright

me, Elder Poplin, Elder Sarchet, and Sister Crump

me, Sister Crump, and Sister Christensen the awesome member who drove us

Our district

 the sisters in the district - Sister Crump, me, Sister Mcpherson, and Sister Martin.

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