Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pigs and Singing Drunk Men (Rhys)


Just on a little bit of a spiritual high right now from yesterday, which will be explained in a little bit after I explain how my week kind had some sick moments, but overall stunk until yesterday, which, now that I think about it was actually the first day of THIS week so yeah, it did all kind of stink, except for some cool things.

Wed-nes-day!!!!! or wait. . ..  that may have actually been Tuesday..

Tuesday!!! we had an awesome service project for most of our zone, not all of them because some of them live kind of out there in another city called Avellaneda and so it was just for those of us here in Reconquista. BUT, we all got together and here we have little shirt/bib things for Manos QuĂ© Ayudan (helping hands) that we use when we do service in big groups so it looks all cool and official and awesomely Mormon-ey. We walked a long little while over to this small little house that was just outside of the city centro, but kind of looked like it was in the middle of no where if you stood with the city to your back. There were lots of horses and tall grass and tree/bush things. Oh, it was also raining the whole time, so lots of that, and mud too. So we helped a family take down an old pig pen thing structure whatchamacallit and moved all the stuff over to a spot that had a cement base and rebuilt a new little pig pen thingy out of the supplies we had taken apart (tree branches, sheet metal, metal grating, wooden planks, wire, etc.) and once we got that all done, it was time to find some pigs. Because the reason we did this in the first place was due to the dastardly escape of these pigs from their previous pen and now we had go and herd them into the new pen. So we got sticks and headed out together to find these pigs. Just before we did, this drunk guy comes wandering up to our group out of the middle of nowhere and volunteers to help us. Who are we to turn down someone's help? So we had this really crazy drunk guy running off on his own to find pigs.  We also figured he wanted to volunteer in the first place because that's all we could understand of what he said, he was speaking some Spanish and then some shafanhaphshawl (Something like that) and he sang a lot too. But while looking for pigs, there were a few false calls that turned out to be a drunk guy crawling on all fours through the trees like Rambo and talking/singing. In the end we had to leave to our lunch appointments before we could actually find the pigs, there was only one sighting. I was with Elder White and a few other Elders when Elder White sees the pig and smacks it with a stick to get it in the right direction. But let me tell you something about this pig. You all know the movie Babe. We've probably all seen pigs before, I know I have, but I've never seen a pig the size of this pig before. This beast was at least as big as our kitchen table at home and this big black pig took off after one smack from Elder White and we never saw it again.
Quick, side note, no I don´t actually have pictures of the service activity, no pig, no drunk man, no mud covered missionaries, nada. But hopefully I'll be able to get one of the other Elders/Sisters that do have pictures to send me some.

And as for the rest of the week, me and my comp have been trying to find news a lot all week and ppppppppppppttttthhhhh. It really stunk. The end

Elder Enright

P.S. Until yesterday when we had a conference with two other zones and president and it was awesome and I have been on a spiritual high since the ride home when Myself and a few other elders were just talking in the back of the bus about our areas and the zone and the mission and everything and it was awesome. 

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