Monday, February 3, 2014

Reconquista 1 (Rhys)

Hello people, Something that I didn´t mention in my last email that you may have taken count of anyways is that that was my last monday before transfers. So now that means that this is the first Monday after transfers. And sadly, that also means that I am no longer in Formosa.

We got the calls tuesday night (a lot later than usual) and our zone leaders told us that basically everything would be the same. . . except for a few things. Elder Truman was to head to Reconquista something or another in Santa Fe as a district leader, and Elder Enright (that stud) was to head to Reconquista Uno, which is in Elder Truman´s district. I have to admit that I didn´t take the news too well. After one whole transfer of our area almost dying on us and almost nothing happening, when we were finally getting the area back on it´s feet with Emir and . . . well mostly Emir, I had to leave. So I called Emir and told him what was going to happen (like he told us to do no matter what happened) and said bye to him. Then I stayed up late packing my stuff and then tried to sleep. Oh yeah, failed that last part btw.

Early as crap the next morning, I left on a colectivo for Resistencia and from there to Reconquista, realizing slowly that I was no longer in Kansa. . I mean Formosa. And let me tell you something, Argentina really changes the further south that you get. I finally arrived at Reconquista, met my new comp, (ELder Ratliff, he came out at the same time that I did, but was waiting in New York for a Visa and is from Gilbert Arizona. . . along with three other elders in our zone) and As the day grew longer and longer, I realized just how bomb my new area is. We live in a pension with two other ELders (one of them, ELder White, is also from Gilbert Arizona and went to the same school in said Gilbert and they were comps at the MTC and they waited for their visas together with different comps, but in the same pension and since coming to Argentina they´ve been in the same zone. Weird) and it´s right next to Grido (best Ice cream in Argentina). supposedly our area is "small" but after my area in Formosa that we could walk around in less than 15 minutes, it´s decently sized. 

I need to send pics of my area sometime because it´s super sweet and there are lots of shops and rich people (rich people who think that they don´t need mormonism, silly people, they already said yes a long time ago) and I don´t need to leave my area if I need to buy something, and I can walk there. But the best part is the water. If I want to wash the dishes, I don´t have to fill up water bottles in the bathroom, don´t have to check for worms, don´t have to boil my water every night due to fear of worms (technically only happened once or twice in Formosa and it was funny, but still. . .) and if I happen to be washing my dishes (just mine this time, I don´t have to wash everyone's anymore) and I happen to want warm water, I can have it!!! I really need to finish this so that I can write to my family, but things rock here in Argentina (way more in Argentina ) and I have to be careful with my money now that I have Grido so close. And thank you everyone for emails, Dinino family, thank you so much for your emails and support, I´ll be seeing Vegas again in less than two years now, but I can hardly believe that today marks 7 months.

Elder Enright 

P.s. Rise and shine campers, and don´t forget your booties cause it´s cold out there. (it´s late, but still)

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