Monday, February 10, 2014

*Something Inspiring* (Rhys)

Really quick, first off I want to say happy late birthday to Elder Bennion whose birthday was Groundhog day. I planned to say this a little bit earlier (last monday to be exact, but that didn´t really pan out quite like I had planned, cause I forgot. So Happy Birthday!!!

Also thank you for all the awesome letters that I received in the mail just this past Tuesday. I got a Christmas Card from the LaFonds (all except Eli, for some reason they replaced him in the family with an absurdly tall freakishly old looking clone, much like what is happening in my family): I got a letter from Japan. . . well not from Japan actually, from an Elder Ricks who just so happens to be in Japan and that´s the place that sent it, But Japan didn´t write anything. A letter from the greatest sister missionary who is currently serving in Texas and enjoying cold weather. And one from another Elder who just so happens to be in the superbly inferior country of Chile. So we´ll just pretend that I totally was expecting all of these and totally didn´t almost pee my pants when my new Zone Leader (Elder Parsons) handed me letter after letter as my excited scream raised in volume and pitch to match the rising stack of envelopes in my outstretched hands.

I am so fetching excited to tell everybody (all 26 of you at least) that two of our investigators (Hermana Bety and Hermano Luis) here in Reconquista 1 got married just this past friday and baptized together with four others in the branch the following saturday. And don´t forget the super important confirmation part too, that happened this past sunday too. So that was pretty bomb, especially after working with them all week to help them get married and also continue to not smoke, something that they had given up, but at times is easier to not do than other times. Hermana Bety nos dijo a story about walking in to find Hermano luis holding a cigarette, not smoking, but holding a cigarette and kind of just sitting there, not wanting to smoke it, but at the same time wanting to smoke it. Hermana Bety told him if she wasn´t going to smoke, then he wasn´t going to smoke either and brought in a bag of suckers (something that we figured out kind of helps to give up smoking, candy) and replaces the cigarette with a sucker. The way that she told it was pretty funny, and I guess you had to be there. but now we´re going to start talking with their sons more because they both smoke and that´s what makes it harder for Bety and Luis, especially since we got rid of all of Bety and Luis´ cigarettes, but the sons still have ém. So that´ll change soon.

Other news this week, Helped our recent convert Hermano Danilo (from the saturday before I got here ) paint a room and today went with Hermano Danilo to a place where you can buy Ice cream in buckets of ten liters, no joke, they just didn´t happen to have menta Granizada, so we had to stick with banana with Dulce de leche. 

Oooooo, another news item that may or may not be related to ice cream, found a place now that we can run to in the mornings to do our excercises. After doing it this morning and doing some pull-ups, I realized just how much 4 months without the ability to do pull-ups has affected me. . .  and possibly Ice cream, but I don´t like to cast blame at Ice cream, so we´ll just say the four month gap. Yeah, I feel better.

Not too much more to tell except for the fact that after a really really really really hot day in the morning, it started pouring rain like crazy just about an hour ago, kind of cleared up a bit now. But that´s how it works here, crazy heat followed by crazy rain. And I can´t think of anything else to say other than don´t forget to be awesome, everyone.

Elder Enright

Painting service project

Bear witness to the ten liters of ice cream (and a studly ELder with his sweet cup)

Hermana Bety

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