Monday, February 24, 2014

That should be everyone.... (Kegan)

Hello everybody!, whether you are in the mission, at home, or in some other place, I really hope this email gets to you because I have recently, well okay about two weeks ago, found out that I may have some incorrect emails, however everything should be good, besides, it´s not like I could tell you to email me if you don´t get this, because if you don´t receive this email...well bummer.  There will be a solution some day.

But anyways.  This week in the mission has been fabulous in a few aspects and a little less so in others, the main reason being the lack of JIF Peanut Butter here in Chile (that´s the reason for the ´little less than fabulous´ part by the way, plus why the heck did I just use the word fabulous, I AM A MAN!) 

The week started out very well. Elder Correa and I were able to teach Gonzalo, our athiest investigator, twice at the beginning of the week.  We had a great lesson at the top of the hill on the peninsula of Quintero where we talked a lot about prayer, because he still hadn´t prayed.  That next day we were able to accompany him on his way to work and talk more about pryaer, because he STILL hadn't Prayed (Ether 12:6, 2 Nefi 32:4, Alma 32: 17-18 !!!!!  GAAAHHHH!!!!) those verses pretty much describe how I feel about the situation.)  At least we are his friends.  We are going to have to teach him AND his family, Elder Correa and I may also have to exercise some unrighteous dominion and MAKE him Fetching Pray!! Because as soon as he does that I know that we will be able to help him more than ever.

Thursday we spent walking around in Loncura searching desperately for work to do and never found it.  What´s more the wife of our only investigator with a Baptismal date, told us he was not going to return this Saturday from Santiago but the NEXT Saturday, o sea, the day right before his Baptism was supposed to be.  We didn´t feel all too happy at that point


That very night we called Fernando to encourage him to return early in order to be Baptized the 2nd of Marzo.  To prove that God is a God of miracles he said he would be able to return the 24th, or Monday from Santiago and we could help him to prepare this week.  Elder Correa and I felt as if all the work we had that day that had been seemingly for nothing had been so that God could bless us that night with Fernando's early return.  What´s better is that yesterday we saw him seated next to his wife in the chapel, he had returned two days earlier than planned!!!

So we have a baptismal service this Sunday and you are all invited despite the inevitability of your arrival.

Also  The weather is starting to change here because the sky is more often gray than not, what stinks is that the clouds don´t exactly weaken the strength of the sun here, so it is still really hot outside of the shade.

Oh well

I hope you are all doing well and again that you receive this email.

Elder Enright

.Penguinos!!! My companion is obsessed with them, they are essentially.... Shoot I forgot what you call em in the States, but they are little chocolate cakes with chocolate frosting on top and cream in the middle

 Mission Coordination meeting, that´s Hno Bascope, our Ward mission leader,  I just love how the aspect makes it look like I am a giant sneaking up on him, Had to share that.

So I have printed a photo (POR FIN!) of Rhys in the mission and Bayley sent me one a while ago and I realized they have something in common, The Enright Missionary thumbs up, I approve.

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