Monday, February 3, 2014

Untitled...again (Kegan)

It has been getting progressively harder to think of a way to start off my emails in English, seeing as I have for a long time been thinking in Spanish most of the time I always begin typing in Spanish,  Same problem with the subjects, Sorry people.
But anyways. The beginning of this past week was obviously Monday, so you probably don't need that description.  But seeing as this past Wednesday would be (was) changes my companion and I bought pretty much no food.  So that we wouldn't, possibly, have to try to haul the precious food we bought to Viña with all of our other stuff to be sent to another sector.  We didn´t really need to worry too much though, we both will stay another 6 weeks here in Quintero.  However, Elder McDaniels has left and been replaced by Elder Nash, a new, as in straight out of the CCM missionary, which means training, but he does already know Spanish (his dad is Marcus B. Nash, from the Seventy) he learned Spanish when he and his family lived in Peru for 4 years.
My companion and I, having been unaffected by the changes, have continued working in Quintero B to find, teach, and Baptize la gente.
Just yesterday Natalia got Baptized!  Her parents didn´t know or support the decision so she didn't want to invite them. but the rest of her family definitely came.  It was an awesome experience.  She chose Juanito, a return missionary who served in Argentina, to baptize  her,  it was a little funny because she is like a head taller than he.

We recently found Carlo while we were touching doors (direct to english translation of ¨tracting¨in spanish, I don´t like that translation too much) Carlo is actually friends with Juanito and lives with his three children and wife, well, we hope she´s his wife, he said wife the first three times but then said Pareja (couple) the next.  Here in Chile they aren´t too specific with the description of wife, as in whether they are legally married or not, they just usually use a variety of words to describe their...well possible wife.  We pray they are married.  Seeing as he works in Con Con, about 45 minutes closer to Viña, we haven't met with him again yet, but we will see.
We have worked tirelessly here with the menos activos, I have seen many times here how strongly pride affects a person's faith.  It is important to remember that if we don't have works or use our faith, it is dead.  The pride I have seen hurt families is the pride that tells us that we deserve all that we have because we have earned it all, and more.  I have seen the same pride tell others that they are more faithful, or ironically, more humble than others.  This kind of pride has weakened, and in some cases ceased a person's ability to act, or to change. Beware of pride, or more specifically any thoughts or feelings you have that tell you, you don´t need to act, you don't need to help, to change, because you have already done that before.  Remember that nobody is perfect, but we all try our best.  The best action to take is to help others in their weaknesses and God will help us in ours, because weakness exists in every one of us.
Well, not in me, I am pretty much the greatest at everything, you know it's true, that´s what makes you soo great. I love you all

Love Elder Enright

Bishop Sabando, Elder Correa, Juanito, Natalia, her Grandma, her Aunt, and Gringo Hunk

My companion

 Intercambios with Elder Wadman, Waiting for the fetching bus

The cool lighthouse here in Quintero

My next Convert (Ojala)

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