Monday, March 3, 2014

Bautismos con Magos (Kegan)

So I all of the sudden have very little time.

So yesterday was the baptism of Fernando.  It was amazing.
We have been spending all of this week being sure that Fernando is ready with everything and visiting him almost every day to help him be... well ready,     again.
But earlier in the week, well not too much earlier, it was Friday, we had an amazing lesson with Gonzalo, our investigator who claims to be an atheist.  We really talked a lot about how much he has to pray AND read to receive an answer to his prayers.  I went ahead and testified about the book of Mormon, Prayer, and Joseph Smith.  It was the most spiritual lesson we have yet had with Gonzalo, and what´s better is how much he obviously felt it.  When I finished sharing my testimony, as opposed to the usual comparisons to other churches that he has made in the past, Gonzalo began to tell us how strong it is to be able to say that God has told you that this church is true because he has never heard anyone else say that they had received an answer from GOD.  He followed by telling us that that was what he really wanted, an answer from God.  The rest of the lesson from there was super guided by the spirit, I don´t know how better to describe it. 
Plus, after the lesson he showed some of the absolutely insane magic tricks he can do with playing cards and coins and promised to come to church.

What was better was that Gonzalo could come to church yesterday as well.  Although he said he would only be able to stay for the first hour we convinced him to stay for Gospel Principles, and then for the Reuniones del Sacerdocio, and then for the Baptism.  He told us he absolutely loved it and he was even able to spend some time showing his amazing magic tricks to the youth and young single adults there, all of which he got along super well with.
Fernando´s baptism, like I said, was amazing.  His wife approached my companion and I afterwards thanking us for what we had done, because she had been trying for 50 years to get Fernando to accept baptism and until now he never had.  Although she thanked us, I know that what we did was nothing extraordinary.  I have never seen a man change another man the way the spirit changes the hearts of men, nor have I ever done it myself.  The spirit is our real third companion and without him we would never be able to succeed in this work.
ISAAC:  I got your letter!!!!!! I was so cool to get an envelope from JAPAN!!!  Thank you so much for the letter and for the inspirational Japanese message that I hope I will find out IS an inspirational message in about a year and half. Nos Vemos!!
Thanks to everyone who shares the belief that I really and truly am awesome, please give food to the local missionaries, unless you are the missionaries, then you should just eat what you get.

Elder Enright

American hunk and Argentinian powerhouse

 Lunch outside with DL and his trainee


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