Monday, March 10, 2014

Concrete and Soledad (Rhys)

Whew!, so first of all, I´m going to explain the cement story because it just happened this past Tuesday, early in the week, but I also have to apologize because I realized just this Saturday, when we had the baptism of Hermana Soledad, that I haven´t really mentioned her in my emails up to this point, which I feel real bad about especially considering how cool she is.

So Concrete. this past tuesday, Elder Ratliff and I leave a little late from the pensh (pension/apartment) which we kind of felt real bad about actually, but there´s a reason I told you that. Because we left that morning with plans to hit this one part of our area that we haven´t worked in as much because apparently last transfer people were always yelling at the missionaries to leave and since there´s still other parts to work in they did. BUT! we´ve worked in there a bit to try and reactivate some members and also find some news (because we´re always looking for news), and we honestly want to be working in it more, so we went to do. .  that. But the only issue was that we basically had no plans, except to find news that morning, we had names from MLS, references that we still hadn´t been able to find, and lots of praying for news ( I just realized that it sounds like I´m talking about news news, I mean new investigators to teach, that kind of new). So we´re kind of ready and going to work, but just a little desanimado because of the feeble plans that we had (seriously, bad plans are the worst thing ever!!). But we´re walking down towards the first appointment that we hope will be thare, and after stopping to talk to three homes on the way and getting very seriously rejected two of those times, we walk by a house and see lots of people sitting outside drinking matte and one guy prepping ground in front of the house to place concrete. We stopped and offered service like we always do, and to our surprise the guys says, "no, no chicos. ¿pero sabe? De verdad, Sí." Cool!, so then the rest of his family is all sitting there kind of thinking it´s funny that Cesar (the name of the guy working) just accepted the help of guys wearing slacks and white shirts, but then we put down our bags and started asking what to do. We got all the stuff together to mix the cement, started mixing and then laid down the first load of cement. Then some more guys decided it was a good idea to help and then neighbors come and try to get pictures with the concrete-laying-gringos and basically we helped lay concrete and talked to the family all morning and eventually taught them all about the restauración and it was real sick!! And they want us to come over for asado some time. 

So that is the sick concrete story, and now for Soledad, the cousin of our recent convert Danilo. They both live with her dad (old catholic guy that I may have mentioned before who thought that Jesus handed stones to Peter to build his church, as in actually stones!). We´ve been teaching her for a little while now and I really wish that I could get pictures to send, but I can´t hook anything up to this computer to send pictures, so that´ll kind of have to wait. But what has been real amazing is the change that has happened in Sole. I realize now that I want to talk a lot more about this than I wanted to talk about the frickin concrete story and I regret taking that long to tell it, but when I send pictures I´ll tell more, for now, I have to email my fam.

Elder Enright

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