Monday, March 31, 2014

Door Knocking (Rhys)

Hey guys,

I don´t actually have a lot of time this week (shocker), but also not an actual huge amount to talk about either. First off, the main reason that not a lot happened this week is that we´ve been trying to work in a part of our area this past week where not a lot of missionaries have worked before (because there´s a bunch of rich people in this area, that´s why) and so we have our MLS list and also our folder of Investigadores antiguos that we like to use, but we have no old investigators or members in this area, so back to the basic Door Knocking. Unfortunately, it doesn´t seem that a lot of people want to let two white guys (like really white, I don´t know if I don´t tan, or if I don't tan in Argentinian sun, or a little bit of both, cause we are talking WHITE) in to talk about eternal salvation.

But not just door knocking, I´ve become really really really really more shameless than ever at following, tracking, and just staring people down to get to talk to them about Jesus (maybe that sounds bad the way that I put it, but I promise that it´s not. . .). In fact, just this last week me and Elder Renfro went to talk to a shirtless old man sitting outside (literally about 83% of the population here) and we got to talking and we´re all like, " so we´d love to be able to sit down and talk if you have some extra chairs or something. . ."
Old Guy´s turn; "yeah that´d be great, but you see I´m really busy and I have to leave real soon, in fact right now, can´t talk"
And he stood up (shirtless and bare foot) and walked into his house as fast as he could.

And that´s the best story that I could think of from this week, that may give you an idea of what the week´s been like. SO I´ll just go now and this is a photo of a dog that I found in our area during divisiones with our District Leader.

Lovely, just lovely.

Elder Enright
Stray dog.

Cool carousel.

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