Monday, March 17, 2014

Elder Renfro and the Missing Photo from Last Week (Rhys)

So you all may or may not remember that this last week that I emailed you (meaning the last time I emailed, not too sure why I worded it that way) I was unable to get photos on here, but we had a baptism. SO if I´m lucky, I´ll be sending a bap photo with this email.

Shout out to Chile where I want everyone to know that my twin brother (e.g. the slightly blind version of me who also looks ridiculously tanned) is now a district leader in Chile #DLsrule #Chile #Argentina´s better.

As for my transfers here in Argentina, I am thankfully still here in Reconquista. Quite seriously, Reconquista here is the nicest little place in the whole mish, my area to be exact, I love it and I don´t think that I´ll ever be able to leave it. I did get a new comp though, as Elder Ratliff went off to work in Resistencia and left me here to kind of be sad that he left, and show Elder Renfro around the awesome little city of Reconquista. 

I was sad to see Ratliff go, but I´m not going to lie that we were bad influences with one another. we spent way too much money on ice cream and I think that if you saw the me from Formosa who lost about 15-20 pounds from the crazy sun and slim fast of only things that didn´t cause diarrhea when mixed with the sun and then saw the me now, you could count the kilos that are straight from the ice cream place across the street. But don´t worry, it mostly made my face a little fat. But now I have Elder Renfro who´s a sick little guy (sick as in the same definition as "bomb" and "cool" and english makes no sense) and we´re working a little harder and eating a little less ice cream #slimfast # :(

Renfro and I are working with some people here to get baptized the 29th and we also met this really sick (same definition as"chill") guy named Andres who lives on his own and didn´t really know if there was a God but wants to find out and is willing to pray and talk to us, so we´re alright with that. Also, one of the people to be baptized the 29th is named Mario and Ratliff and I worked with him all last transfer to try and help him realize that he already had an answer to his prayers because he still wasn´t sure that God was answering his prayers (cause he didn´t think God really cared too much for him) and he didn´t want to act until he got an answer. Just last night me and my comp visited him and I asked what was it that made him decide to get baptized and he told me that he was tired of waiting around to do something until he got an obvious answer to his problems from God, but decided instead to act first and trust that God will provide what he has asked after showing his faith. BBBAAAAAAAMMM! right out of nowhere, the way the Holy Spirit changes people amazes me and makes me want to see miracles like this everyday for the rest of my life. The other baptism is going to be the grandson of Betty and Luis who´s name is Sammy and I love to talk to him and teach him- --but just a side note here, people who talk to kids in that little I´m-talking-to-little-kids-in-this-voice-so-they-can-understand-me voice need to realize that kids aren´t stupid, that they´re the frickin´smartest people in the world, it´s the older people that won´t give up a church they know not to be true just cause they don´t want to change that are dumb. #caseclosed

Elder Enright

A ciber, where we do our emailing.

Elders Thomas, Enright, White and Renfro (with my cup on his head)

Baptism pic of me, ratliff, and Soledad!!!

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