Monday, March 24, 2014

First full week as a District Leader, Feelings of supreme power fading. (Kegan)

Hello my dear and adoring fans, as I am sure you all are. I have just had my first FULL week back here in the zone of Achupallas in Chamiza as a District Leader. 

The title reference to supreme powers is really just a joke, even more so now that I have come to realize how little control I have over my time as a District leader. I never thought nightly calls and baptismal interviews would take too much time from my regular schedule. But that´s just proof of how little attention I paid to Elder Call and his work as a DL.  To me it´s just another sign that I now need to learn to control more tightly the little time I have here to serve the Lord.

This Week in Chamiza we´ve seen a few miracles, and since it just doesn´t make sense that way I´ll start at the end of this week.

Saturday we visited a less active family that Elder Ramirez has been working to reactivate.  The Familia Parra Nilo.  We got along very well and even better when they told us they were going to bring the Duke family (family of investigators Elder Ramirez taught for the first and only time a few weeks back) to church the next day.  Even though we were a little worried when they didn´t show up right away, they ,along with what appeared to the entire ward, showed up only about 10 minutes late with the Duke family in tow just like they had promised.  Proving at the same time that anyone but me can get my investigators to come to church, all of the other 5 or 6 investigators who had promised to come never showed.

Earlier in the week we found a new investigator (because the spirit was definitely poking around in my head) who works in a negocio (de nuevo, gas station store minus the bathroom, personal bubble, and the actual gas station = negocio) Her name is Johanna and her work makes it hard to teach her but she really is honestly interested, you can usually tell when they read the Book of Mormon chapters you leave them when they said they would read them.  In about a week it should be easier to find time to teach her in a better atmosphere and maybe with her parents!!!

The other two investigators we found that day are a little less interested...and that´s all I have to say about that

The better miracle was that night when I was calling the >>District I was able to see that God was certainly answering prayers because every companionship had found new Investigators that day, That´s one of the parts of being a District Leader that I love the most. Seeing the Miracles.

Elder Ramirez and I have been teaching much better together recently and we are still getting to know one another a little better, but everything has been getting better.
Love (unless that comes out weird, in which case, um, bye?)
Elder Enright

Hermano Christensen :  Really cool email,  I want to thank you for you support and amazing stories, just as much now as when I was dead tired in seminary.  My last companion and I prayed a whole lot together every day and we saw huge changes in the people we were teaching.  Unfortunately when I came here to Chamiza I had almost forgotten to pray so much. Thank you for the reminder, thank you so much. 

Lots of cool fog and mountains ( this is one of many pictures)

My favorite garden decoration

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