Monday, March 17, 2014

Goodbye Quintero (¡¡¡¡¡¡¡NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) (Kegan) explain the title of the email, I am no longer in Quintero.

This week was changes and as such Elder Correa and I spent the first two days of the week anxiously waiting to at least know what the heck would happen when Wednesday would come. With everyone we talked to or passed by those first two days we implemented a little bit the fact that it would maybe, possibly be the last time we talked for like a year and a half. So we went running with Christian Wednesday morning for exercises as we had been trying to do for about a week, knowing that that morning was the last morning (and the first) that the three of us would be able to go running very early in the morning before the sun was even up.

While we were running the Zone leaders called us and it´s a little obvious from my current state of ¨Not in Quintero¨what exactly they told us.  But, while I was packing my bags we got another phone call from the assistants in order to ask us if we would accept the respective callings as District Leader (me) and trainer (Elder Correa). 

For those of you who don´t know what the heck a district leader is, I am basically now the supreme ruler of a small kingdom here in Chile.  But not really, it means I get to do baptismal interviews, call the district every night, give trainings in district meetings, and work with the district pretty much to keep baptizing.

We were super excited and super surprised by the new responsibilities  even though it meant less time to say good bye and that we would be separated.  We lost a little more time to say good bye when Elder Correa ripped his pants open doing a high kick and we had to return to the pension so that he could change, but we were laughing hard enough that I think that the time, and Elder Correa´s pants, were worth it.

In the changes meeting I was able to see Elders Santillan, Evans, and Otterson again, all of which were in the CCM conmigo but I wasn´t able to get a picture, Oh well. 

I have been reassigned to Camiza in the Achupallas zone, (The same zone where I started but in Gomez Carreño¡¡¡Happiness!!!)  and my companion is Elder Ramirez, he is from Argentina and is super tall and talks with what sounds like a transylvanian accent.

I´m still getting to know the area here but have already been able to do two baptismal interviews, and intercambios with my new zone leaders to find out how the heck I should do those interviews.

I don´t really know how much I could say about my new sector seeing as I am just getting to know it myself.  I can say that there are some serious hills and heat here (thank goodness for deodorant) and that Elder Ramirez and I are going to enjoy our time working here together.

Sorry for the short email, but the guy here in the ciber is going to charge me for the 20 minutes I had to spend waiting for the computer to work and I really don´t have too much to say since I have only gotten here so recently, but enjoy the awesome pictures of my beautiful face and I will do better in a week's time.

Love Elder Enright

Elder Enright, Christian, Elder Correa

Elder Enright (me), Elder Ramirez

Awesome bridge and rickety stairs in my new area

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