Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello de nuevo (Kegan)

Hello de nuevo to everyone

Thank you soo much to all of you for your emails and for the prayers said everyday for any missionary anywhere in the world, every one counts.  I can tell you from experience that they do, that they really are blessing the lives of missionaries out here in the field because I am one of those missionaries and this past week I felt those blessings a whole bunch.  

We started off this week just last Monday ( as most people are forced to do by nature of it being the first day of the week)  and had an excellent, Noche de Hogar with the family of our ward mission leader and a family from Ecuador. All in all it was good because we were able to watch a part of Together Forever (no not the song by Rick Astley).  It is a short slightly cheesy movie that centers on three stories about how two couples and one very lonely guy fixed their problems with the Gospel of Jesus Christ (when I say slightly cheesy I mean on the scale of nachos).  It is actually very good and from what I can tell hugely popular among the members here.
We were able to get another visit with the same familia put in the agenda, but it fell through, we´ll see how it goes with them.

We have seen a huge amount of progress with a family we started teaching this week, Andrea and her two kids, Ezekiel and Samaris are very receptive.  Andrea sometimes has problems with depression.  Last time we passed by we were only able to talk for a short while with her at her gate, but we got to excite her a little bit and told her to look at the blessings she has in Ezekiel and Samaris, because they are both super good kids to have suffered what they have emotionally and physically, in some cases (Samaris has complications of the bones in her legs and has a cast on one and a frame thing on the other ankle to be able to walk) They really are amazing and have honest desires to find the truth for themselves.  It just really, well, stinks to see that the family is really being ATTACKED ON ALL FRONTS. The best part is to know exactly what they need, or at least to have the guidance of the spirit to know what they need, and to be able to help them recuperate and even one day be sealed together (Forever and never to part..) in the temple.

In other news. I finished the Book of mormon again this morning and as a mission we will be beginning again in two days with different subjects to mark and study.  What struck me is that this time around we will be marking every mention of satan and his tools in order to better recognize the adversary when we are affronted by him and so that we can study and find the solution. 

Finishing the Book of Mormon this morning it really struck me how sad the story of Mormon and Moroni is, it is SUPER sad guys! But,sin embargo, everyone needs to read that book.

Oh I forgot, we helped move the other elders in my district from their apartment because the owner is crazy and deaf, and mute, and cuts the water and electricity off and on and enters whenever she darn well pleases, they are super happy in the new apartment.

I really love you all, sorry for the lack of a subject and better ending, but that´s how it goes.

Elder Enright
Awesome sandwich, yes I am posing with my food, but it really was amazing

Awesome tie knot I learned

Funny english marketing here in Chile on a lego box

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