Monday, March 10, 2014

¡¡¡¡¡Hello everybody!!!!! (Kegan)

It has recently hit me just how hard it must be to read my emails, I do believe English is continuing to exit my mind while Spanish just sits it´s butt in there.  It doesn´t support an image of good mental health that I have received frequent complaints from my companion and other missionaries (intercambios) that I often talk in my sleep, and that when I do, I speak in Spanish, and am planning for the next day or, yet again, asking for the correct Spanish pronunciations.  Elder Tholen, I couldn´t help but think that my companion in this situation has now taken my place while I have taken yours with respect to the insomnia I seem to cause for him.  Oh well, I can practice English again in about a year and a half, fetch, less than that.

This week Elder Correa and I have been determined to find new people to teach while we continue to help Gonzalo to try his faith and find out for himself that YES, Joseph Smith was a prophet of GOD (in whom he still hasn´t ¨declared¨ belief) and that the Book of Mormon really is true, because it is, you know. (but if not grab a copy of the Book of Mormon, read the introduccion and pray, # thumbs up# ) (Erin- The pound signs are there because they don´t have little star thingies on this keyboard, how else am I going to explain an accion, #Spanish keyboard #missionary problems )  

Anywhoo, we have been searching desperately for more people to teach but nothing has really happened yet (minus one, in a sec) because everybody doesn´t happen to have their own planner so that they remember appointments they make with two foreign men (who look rather dashing in white shirts and ties) in the street, people seriously need their own planners.  Until of course everybody does start using planners, I have written a lot of appointments on the back of  ¨Jesus Resurrected¨ cards, my personal favorite because it has a cool little place to put notes, unless your a Testigo de Jehova, then you´re going to get a ¨Christ in the Americas because the Book of Mormon is true¨ card.

But, about that one success, She was a reference from the primary president and her name is Silvana.  We taught her for the first time Friday morning in the negocio where she and her sister work. A negocio, just so you know, is a small gas station store without the gas station or the bathroom. That´s the worst part, public bathrooms don´t exist here.  But more about Silvana, we taught about the restoration, but it wasn´t as spiritual as it could have been because it was in a store where people began to freely enter just at the end of the lesson.  It made me understand a little more about the theme the youth had a little while back that was Stand ye in Holy Places and be Not moved, because the spirit was invited during the lesson but couldn´t stay because of foul mouthed customers and really the presence of the customers in the first place.  

The rest of this week has been full of walking, so much that I literally at one point had a blister growing on a callous that had grown on a callous that had grown on another callous that had, yes, grown on a gigantic callous (I counted), of course that was until the blister broke.  You're welcome for that description, I´m sure it will come in handy later in the week. 

But, when you are working the mission, it is all worth it, so if you can go on a mission, DO IT (UNless you are Amik, wait until I get home first.)


Elder Enright
Lunch, this lady always makes us wear these

The District!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The amazing lemon meringue pie we bought from a member, it still isn´t gone

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