Monday, March 3, 2014

Mixed up asistencia and Carnival (Rhys)

Bueno bueno bueno bueeeno!

Just thought you should all know that it is fetchin´ crazy here right now. We got a call from our zone leaders this past Sunday (ummm.. . yesterday) that for today (that would be Monday) and for tomorrow (I think you get the idea now. . .Tuesday.  In case you didn´t) we have to be in our pensions sí o sí no later than seven and we have to be completely shut into our pensions during the ciesta because if we´re not, people will be throwing garbage, food, toilet paper, rocks, babies, and even poop (yep that´s right) at anyone and everyone and we even heard from our recent convert that in Brazil, people get killed in the streets every year at carnival and basically we have been warned that it´ll just be crazyyyyy!!!!!!!

Which is why it was so deadly quiet this morning on our way to the ciber to print out emails to read, that it was just very deathly quiet (I don´t really know what else to say). Needless to say, we were a little disappointed, but apparently carnival is not so much a big thing here in Reconquista as it apparently is in other parts of the mission, like Corrientes or Resistencia. But the rules are for the whole mission and so we just do what we´re told like the nice little missionaries that we are.

BUT! (yes yes yes, imagine the little kid from Kid History describing the completos, and if you haven´t seen that, please do and you will understand) I really want to tell you guys a really frustrating story from this week that really encompasses all of this week which then makes me wonder how it is that I also feel like it was kind of a good week, still working on that part. Sunday, my comp is sick and so I go with Elder White and work in our area for a bit while his comp is with my comp and then we come back and I stay with my comp while the other two work in their area. BUT! (again, see the above thingy to explain) while doing these weird little division thingies, Elder White and I find a guy named Alejandro. Martes, Elder Ratliff and I go to visit this guy again and we find him with his wife and two of their four kids and invite them to be baptized after a bomb lesson and also invite them to church. Thursday/Jueves, we talk with just the wife, Cecilia, seated outside of her house with all of her kids, we talk about baptism and the Book of Mormon and church. Saturday, we have a baptism in the ward and invite the whole family to go, but when we invited them Cecilia (the mom) wasn´t there and so we just talked to the dad guy named Alejandro who forgot to say anything to us about work even though we asked him about whether he had to work that evening and he told us no and so we passed by later and he hadn´t told his wife anything, she was just having some people come over and didn´t want to leave and so we had nobody with us at the baptism and that made me kind of sad. Whew! Forgive me, parents for the run on sentences. And finally, Sunday, when we had four investigators show up to church, but none of them were from this family!!!  (we visited those that had attended church later in the day , at least those that we could find). But basically, we always work with people so that they can attend sacrament meeting and all of the jazz and whatnot, but the one family with whom we were working the hardest to go to church, didn´t show up in the end even though we woke up and were out the door early to walk all the way to their house and the houses of others to get them up and walk with them. So that is basically my stressing week story that wasn´t so bad, but it was, if you know what I mean. 

And now I don´t have too much more to say, but here´s a picture of a big rainstorm (one of like three) that hit us during the week, You can´t really tell in the picture that it´s raining, but hey! what a ridiculously good looking Elder!! (fact, the rainstorms here, unlike Formosa, aren´t so much huge and heavy, end of the world storms, so much as rain that lasts for days on end, yep, pretty much)

Elder Enright

 Me and my comp eating delicious pancakes and vanilla syrup that I made (as in the pancakes and the syrup, I"m quite proud)

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