Monday, March 10, 2014

Pasadena Miracles (Bayley)

For realz tho.

This week, guys.  This week.

Let's start with Maria.  We just met a girl named Maria.  (Side note - why is it that everyone I teach here has a song or movie quote or some sort of pop culture reference that pops into my head whenever I think of them?  Delilah, Shawna,'s kind of the best thing ever).

Maria is yet another Hour of Power miracle story.  If you haven't noticed, that thing brings miracles like nothing else.  Hers was the second door we knocked on, and her dad answered and assured us he didn't speak English (for a stunning turn of events in Pasadena, TX).  But we understood that he had met with missionaries before, a while ago, and then as we were all stumbling around in Spanglish, he asked us if we'd talk to his 18 year old daughter, and of course it's not like missionaries are ever going to say no to any invitation to talk to someone, so we went in and sat down with Maria, who basically is the most adorable person ever, not to mention the goldenest of golden investigators.  The entire lesson she was like "really? oh my goodness that's so cool!" or she had all these perfect questions and was so involved and interested - did I mention that both Sister Crump and I had forgotten our bibles in the car because we're stellar missionaries like that?  Yeah.  And the only bibles in Maria's house were old Spanish ones that nobody had touched in forever.  Yeah.  But that's okay, because her parents don't speak hardly any English but were both sitting in and so we were able to help them with the Spanish bible and then they helped Maria understand through the Spanish bible and basically if that wasn't a gift of tongues moment, I don't know what is, because somehow we taught the whole lesson using English, Spanish, and a lot of the Spirit, and then when we committed her to be baptized she kind of freaked out and got super excited and was like "really? I can be baptized? Like by that priesthood?  When?!"  Really.  That actually happened.  Sister Crump turned to me in the lesson and was like "is this real life?"  I don't know my child, I don't know.  God truly is great.  The next day when we went back, we had barely sat down when Maria told us excitedly that she had done as we asked and prayed about Joseph Smith the night before, and had "gotten the weirdest feeling - but in a good way.  A good weird."  This is real life, guys.  God led us right to Maria, who is like 500% prepared to receive and accept this gospel, and because Sister Crump and I were doing what we were supposed to be doing (with the exception of forgetting our bibles in the car, like winners) God sent us right to his daughter who needed us.  Coincidence?  I think not.  These are miracles, people.
Miracle numero dos.
Remember Shawna?  Her-pastor's-wife-threw-away-her-Book-of-Mormon Shawna?  Yeah, well, Shawna is a chain smoker, and since we've met her we've been worried about teaching her the Word of Wisdom because we know that is going to be a bit of a hurdle to jump.  So we've been saying a lot of prayers for her heart to be softened and prepared to accept and live the Word of Wisdom when we finally teach it to her.  So anyways, the other night we had like 10 minutes left and decided to drop in on Shawna since she lives in the same apartment complex as us, which is awful convenient for those we-only-have-10-minutes-left-in-the-day times.  So we stopped by and she is like super excited about SOMETHING and is being awfully vague about what that THING is, but keeps like asking us "do you guys notice anything different?" and stuff l like that, and finally she just comes out and tells us that she has quit smoking.  Seriously.  As in went from 2 packs a day, to now only puffs occasionally on an electronic cigarette (we'll work with that).  But yeah.  E-cig aside, she just tossed out all her cigarettes and is done - and we haven't even taught her Word of Wisdom yet!  Seriously.  We may or may not have both just sat there with dropped jaws while she laughed at us and said things like "you should see your faces!"  We asked her what made her decide to quit all of the sudden, and she told us it was something she's thought about doing for a long time, but after meeting us decided she could do.
So yeah.  A week can't really go wrong with moments like those.  And then besides that, we had a member take us out to dinner two nights in a row because we're popular like that, and plus Sister Crump and I have set a companionship goal for having chocolate chip waffles at least once a week, and by that we mean usually like once a day.
Life is good.  Missionary life is better.  The gospel is best.
Sister Bayley Enright

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