Tuesday, March 25, 2014

please please please come to church! (Rhys)

Alright, just to start off, I think that I should explain real quick what I´m doing writing on a Tuesday instead of a Monday (and you may figure out something about the title a little bit). So Elder Renfro and I kind of had a bummer Sunday as we had not a single one of our investigators at church and we just kind of felt bummed and that´s all I have to say about that. But part of the reason that that happened is that we´ve spent a butt-ton of time this week looking for some new people all over our area to teach and bring to church and also eventually. . . . you know, Baptize. So we had quite a few news and we also contacted a lot and really really tried to get everyone to come to church. So after a big fat zero amount of people at church, we spent most of our time Sunday also finding new people to teach and actually had some fun doing it. And we were walking back to the pensh and then we see Elders White and Thomas walking too and we say hi and everything manly that big tough representatives of Jesus Christ do, but White was not looking happy. So then he gave us that bad news that P-day was cancelled due to the fact that Monday was a holiday (not sure why, everybody just said that it was a holiday and so they didn´t work or go to school) so because some places where we might normally find some food to trade for paper with people's faces and also some numbers on it (money) would be closed, we were just going to do it today (Tuesday) instead. Makes sense, but we all learned about this the night before after trying to make all of our follow up appointments for Tuesady because we couldn´t do it Monday and then we had to plan for a full day of work (basically finding news again) and basically the whole day felt weird, but now we get write so Yay! (lots of run on sentences, sorry)

But, we did have a few fun experiences this week . . . .Let me think of some for a bit while I say really really thank you to my awesome seminary teacher from years ago for the awesome emails and stories. I also realized that I may not have been sending my emails before to said seminary teacher and now I feel kind of bad, but now you should be getting this one Hno. Christensen, so thank you.

Still thinking. . . .

I guess there was this really neat thing that happened yesterday. We were looking for some news and contacting homes from the list of members in the ward that we didn´t recognize and must therefore not be too active in the church, and if they weren´t there, we talked with they´re neighbors, so mostly neighbors. BUT!! there was this one house we went to where we talked with the Abuela and her care lady (person who takes care of her, can´t think of an English word for that) and also the dad of the family (son of the abuela) and they´ve obviously seen lots of missionaries over the years, just haven´t gone to church in a while and also haven´t read the Book of Mormon in a while so we shared scriptures with them and talked about church and yada yada yada. Fast forward to the evening when we went to another menos activos house and talked with his non member daughter and his daughter´s niece. SO we talk, and it turns out that the guy from the morning, Ariel was his name, is the brother of the menos activos' daughter and father of the other girl and we were just saying stuff in Spanish a lot, but the gist of it was "oh my gosh! we just talked to your dad this morning!! and that old lady was your grandma!! aaahaaahhhh!!!" and the daughter is a pretty die hard Catholic, but she agreed to let us come and talk to her more at the menos activos' house where we found her. So that was neat.

And now I need to get off and email my wonderful family and so I´m kind of sorry about the bummer email, but this next week is going to rock and I´m sure I will have great stories for next time. 

Elder Enright

Our new District Leader (Elder Murphy) and his Comp (Elder Fuentes) and the glasses and hat that the companionships have to wear to rendir cuentas during District meeting.

Sorry about the lame TMNT pic, we didn´t do much this P-day, but I made chocolate pancakes for lunch and Elder Thomas made himself some mac and cheese and so we ate lunch together and that´s when I took the pic.

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