Monday, March 17, 2014

Shortest email yet...sorry (Bayley)

Soooo with this past weekend came the dreaded transfer calls - but, with the exception of missionaries in my district leaving, this time I was unaffected!  Sister Crump and I get to stay together for at least one more transfer in Pasadena, thank goodness!  Just thinking of what leaving Lake Charles did to me, I dread what will happen when President tells me its time to leave this place.  I have such an amazing love for Pasadena, and for the people here.  I think it's so funny that I got called to serve Texas, but have so far had a Cajun and now basically Little Mexico experience.  But this transfer will bring something new - I got a phone call from President yesterday asking me to serve as a Sister Training Leader!  (actually we had like 5 missed calls from President after getting out of an appointment, which, let me tell you, as a missionary, that is NOT something you want to see on your phone - but it's all good, crisis averted!)  Anyways, I am really excited by this opportunity to get to work with other sisters and help them reach their full potential as missionaries.

In other news, our investigator, Shawna, came to church yesterday!  She tried coming last week too, but then somehow accidentally ended up in Houston while looking for the chapel.  Good effort, good effort.  But then yesterday she managed to actually find the chapel, which was a nice bonus.  And what's more, she only had to leave for 2 smoking breaks during church this time! (Shawna, you may remember, is our investigator who gave up smoking in favor of an e-cig, but she's out of oil right now so has reverted to cigarettes until she can get more oil...yeah, we're working on that).  It was funny, actually, because yesterday some of the elders had a gator at church too, who also needed a smoking break, so if you had arrived at our church building just after the first hour finished, you would've seen all the missionaries out taking smoking breaks in between meetings - and by that I mean our gators were taking smoking breaks, and we were with them encouraging them as politely as possible to put it out because Sunday School was starting.  And hey, it worked!  I love Shawna.  She sits there with her little Book of Mormon highlighting every scripture we read, her little pamphlets are all highlighted and sticky noted to death, and she brings candy in her bag for us to snack on during sacrament meeting.  Yesterday one of my gummy worms fell to the ground tragically, and she leans over and says "you're good, pick it up - this is holy ground."  Haha!

Anyways, so I know this letter is horribly short this week, but it's been a weird one - full of thunderstorms and door knocking and awkward law of chastity lessons, but then also multiple nights with fried chicken for dinner, so I really can't complain.

Love you all!  And Happy St Patricks day!
Sister Bayley Enright


Hermana McCormick and I on exchanges


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