Monday, April 14, 2014

3 Nefi 9:3 ---No it`s not a joke (Kegan)

"Behold, that great city Zarahemla, have I burned with fire, and the inhabitants thereof."

Hello to everyone who should be receiving this email (I`m fairly content that I have now addressed all of you)

This week here in Chile has been another very exciting, if less successful, week of missionary work.  Although we have been a little discouraged for the amount of appointments that have fallen through we are even more discouraged by the recurring fires that have been spreading across the mountains.  This makes the third year in a row that the mountains and forests where I am living, or at least Close to where I am living, have been burning to the ground, a three time streak I´m not exactly proud of, especially because I swear ninguna had anything to do with me.  (Kegan is referring to the Colorado fires the past 2 summers and now the wildfires in Valparaiso)

I´ll describe recent events in case that paragraph left you with questions.  This Tuesday we had our District meeting because the Zone leaders wanted to be present and would have to attend theirs on Wednesday (The meeting was actually very good because of how expertly a nice and extremely handsome blonde stud led the meeting,) Anywhooooo, that day a gigantic fire started in the south east of the  mountain ranges here and spread to make another, the two lasted a couple days and recently an even larger fire started and spread to hit Valparaiso.  It has so far destroyed a rumored 700 homes and killed 11 people.  We have all been praying fervently for those that live and serve there.

Many people here in our sector have family who have been affected by the fire. But, our week here in Chamiza hasn`t proven too exitoso en el caso de appointments falling through.  But I had an awesome intercambio this past Friday and have enjoyed very much to be the companion of Elder Ramirez.

I can only ask that we all pray for Valparaiso and support the missionary work where we currently are.

Not a hugely positive email, sorry.

ISAAC:  Your old sector looks like Fetching Spirit Paradise!!

Love Elder Enright

PS  Real quick something super weird, the guy next to me in the ciber is looking up how to separate a couple using witchcraft WEIRD!!!
Said ¨Extremely handsome blonde stud¨ the background to the right that appears to be Rohan under attack is Valpo

No thanks to YOU Dora (Que simpática la señora)

 Awesome hill, book, face, companion, stairs, and mountains (It looks a little bit like I am creeping)

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