Monday, April 14, 2014

AWE-scar, Élder, and Pomelo (Rhys)

First off, thank you to all of you in vegas that are keeping in contact with me, and I can´t believe that Britton is already headed to FLorida!!

Also, remember that other pair of parents that I had from way back in pioneer times???? well thank you Ma and Pa Bailor for more Bits-O-Honey and some of the best Saltwater taffies ever!

And finally a quick explanation to everyone who had sent me letters/packages/delicious candy. I am a little behind on responding to letters and really backed up on birthday cards (Dad and Liam, You´ll  be getting yours most likely at the same time, don´t ask me when) so sorry that that I have yet to respond officially, but know that I love and appreciate the  candy. . . and the letters are nice too

And now to explain a little bit. Awe-scar would be our investigator, Oscar and because he´s so awesome, I just was too lazy to write Awesome Oscar and decided on a shortened version. Some reasons why Oscar is so awesome A) because we are now teaching his mother-in-law también as a reference from our pal Oscar, 2) because I cannot even describe the way that he gets around everywhere with one leg and his crutch and yet appears to be walking as if he had his leg, I can´t, it´s mostly that nothing phases him really, D) we may be the first Mormon missionaries that he´s ever talked to, but he´s been deeply religious his whole life, knows that he has a Heavenly Father, and loves the gospel so much and for so many reasons, one of which he always reminds us of is that it just makes sense. You want to know if your investigator has read the Book of mormon you left them? what if they just go into a full on testimony about how it´s not just true, it´s credible and explains how people got to the americas in the first place, and his wife told us that after he got back from General conference, he wanted to go right back and watch more (he couldn´t stay for the second session due to work) and wouldn´t stop talking about it.

The Pomelo. Real quick explanation. Bayley, I also love mangoes, in Formosa, we could just pluck them off of the trees and eat them. They were a different type of Mango than I´ve ever had before, but they were good. Here in Reconquista, the Pomelos (grapefruit, but the name actually makes sense, never going to call them grapefruit again) are starting to get ripe and I found one while out proselyting  which was obviously not ripe, but I ended up giving it to Oscar and his family. Super excited for the next few weeks when they´ll be ripe enough to eat.

Élder is how many of the ELders here have Elder on their tag if they came in from Ecuador or Colombia, no one else has them, but me, ELder Ware, and Elder White scratched in a little accent for ours too. :)

ELder Enright

 Me and my pomelo - currently missing and assumed dead, also nameless :(

My awesome "Élder" tag, thanks to those super sharp sewing scissors that mom got me to bring on my mission, works perfect.

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