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Hello everybody

Obviously from the title, the fact that I am Mormon and a Mormon missionary, I spent a good couple hours this past weekend watching and listening to God`s apostles and prophets on the Earth today.

I honestly hope you all had the same opportunity and that you enjoyed it as much as I did, which I actually somewhat doubt.

Here in Viña del Mar we enjoyed the Conference a little too much.  The night before it began it all started for me with a ¨Fear-of-God-Envoking temblor¨ that made my companion run to every window on our floor watching the nearby lamp posts shake and the listening to the earth LITERALLY fetching move underneath us.  Disclaimer:  all of those earthquakes you`ve been hearing about in Chile have either been to the North or South of me, but the Tsunami sirens and temblores (earth shake without the quake, hey that`s catchy) still have been present and now frequent in my area.
I haven`t yet told you guys,... but there are earthquakes sometimes here in Chile

I have so far felt about 5 temblores here in my time here and four have been in the past two weeks (I felt one and slept through another, as my companion informed me, while I was in Quintero)  I am 100% fine and enjoying it, temblores are very fun.

For every one of you who has been worrying about my very special self with the threat of tsunamis, you shouldn`t be.  My area is a good level above the sea in the mountains.  You should pray more for the help I need from the muscle aches in my legs.

Jaime, who has been an eternal investigator for about three years told us friday that he was ready to be Baptized the 3rd of may

Despite the exciting events before Conference started, the best moments happened after it had started.

Because Jaime is now assured of his decision and not only that, but that God spoke through Thomas S. Monson

We had a new investigator brought to the priesthood session by his member friend (who just happens to be our Ward mission leader) and he thoroughly enjoyed the words of God`s prophet and apostles.  His family were unable to attend the next day and their time is limited, but we will be going to see them tonight and, with faith, be baptising them in three more weeks.

We found a new investigator this week who is 15 years old and is named Josè, he is friends with his uncle who is a member and 12 years old.  Weird. However he was able to assist [he means 'attend', but 'assiste' in Spanish is attend, so he gets them confused] both sessions Sunday and we taught him a little bit between the two sessions.  He is honestly super shy, but that hasn´t yet stopped his curiosity.

The Apostles and prophets, every single one, spoke personally to me this weekend, I left my notes at home, but I still can tell you what I liked the best.  It was the affirmation of not one, but two apostles and the prophet of God that the verses 6,7,and 8 of Numbers chapter 12 speak the truth.

Plus, Elder Aidukaitis is fetching hilarious.

At the beginning of the week we taught a family of investigators for my first time and my companion`s second. One thing was very clear to the two of us in that lesson; this family is going to be baptized. We had sat down for about five minutes and they began to question us about the family and answer our questions with relation to theirs, which came down to the fact that they had problems as a family and have been improving, but with God`s help. wE TAUGHT THEM VERY SIMPLY TO PRAY (OOPS caps) and then we all kneeled down and the father gave the most honest and heartfelt prayer in thanks for his family and praying for blessings over them.  The Spirit came very strongly in that moment and I know that every member of that family in that moment knew how much their father loved them.  We tried hard to help them attend conference but for the difficulty of time they couldn`t.   Chuta.

With all the prayers that you can give and help to the local Elders Sè que alcanzaremos todo que El Señor tiene preparado para nosotros.

Elder Enright

Fetch my companion is tall

Oh yeah, I forgot this story,  Well, I finished my prayer to begin personal study looked out the window and well, ¨Holy Fetch està quemando!¨

 I present to you the High Council

Bananas are so weird

Eldercito Mickey, and a balloon with a funny hat

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