Monday, April 21, 2014

¡Feliz Pascua! (Rhys)

  May you all celebrate the resurrection of the Savior with painted eggs, ducklings (preferably in their marshmellowy and sugar coated form), and bunnies (preferably chocolate). I may not have gotten to go Easter egg hunting nor did I receive a basket full of chocolate and jelly beans, but in our pensh, we did hold a little quick egg dyeing thing before going to bed. First I´ll just tell about how cool our week was and then we´ll get the details on the egg dyeing

       The whole week had me and my companion kind of bouncing around our whole area, working with the small barrio where we have most of our investigators and also working to spread out. I also acquired more than enough pomelos on the way. One day, we were just kind of frustrated with the fact no one wanted to talk to us and I got a pomelo, peeled it and munched on it unhappily (my comp doesn´t like pomelo, so we found an orange tree). But of the investigators, or as I think the term that I may adopt from my sister is, 'Gators,' that we´ve been working with, Oscar and his hopefullly soon to be wife Gisela were those with whom we probably worked the most. They´ve been needing to assist (attend) church and they´ve had moto problems and it´s all very crazy, so we talked to a member with a truck and got that fixed by riding in the back of a truck to church. Though we actually left Oscar behind because he insisted that he was fixing the moto and five minutes after we got to church, Oscar decided to show up, that was cool. So he and his family got to go to church for the first time. we also talked to one lady by contacting (and my noticing that her tree has insanely large pomelos, the majority are only a little bigger than an orange, these are on the verge of Noah´s head sized pomelos- for those of you a little bewildered, that´s Noah, my brother, not the prophet). she insisted that really she´d love to maybe talk to us, but gosh darn it her daughter had left to hacer mandados and had taken the key and left the gate locked. Me and my comp were all, man that stinks are you sure? I lightly tried to open the gate as if just to check that it was really  locked and lo and behold the gate swung open and me and Elder Ware looked up at the woman who looked a little embarrassed and then threw up her hands and said (in spanish) well honestly that´s great but I have no interest in talking to you and I never will, bye. And then we made our exit, me with a large pomelo that was hanging over the gate. So recently I´ve carried Pomelos around with me a lot and a lot of times leave them with people we teach. Usually it goes like this

(after the lesson and everything is all set)
"¿Hay algo más qué podemos haver para Ud(s)?"
"no, no no no, Todo bien."
"¿Quiere un pomelo?"
*hands over pomelo*

Then I go and while we´re walking, acquire another one, it´s fun.

The night of the egg dyeing, the whole thing was actually the idea of Elder Thomas and then Elder Ware jumped on and so did I, only Elder White didn´t really think it would all play through well. So the whole day, when we´d talk to people, be it contacts, members, investigators, (or this one real rich guy that lives in our area to whom we taught the first lesson and left a Book of Mormón and he travels all over the states a lot, including Disneyland with his kids) if they had any references or if they knew where we could find food coloring, because it was literally not in any of the stores that we went to. in the end the whole thing was going downhill and we weren´t going to be able to do it, but on the way back to the pensh, passed by this little art/craft/food store that just so happened to have orange and red food coloring. So the whole night played out and we even made an egg of a missionary, a little clone of Elder Buhler from our district who has flaming orange hair and we gave it to him as a gift and he really loves it and I wish that I had pictures of the little photoshoot he had with it, but we´ll have to stick with the photo that I got of just the egg.

I hope that you all had a Happy Easter and I really want to hear about this supposedly new movie of the restoration story that I keep hearing about, not a single missionary here can believe it nor wait for it, more than Captain America.

Elder Enright

Eggler Buhler (yes, like the movie)

 Here's the pic with the Rodriguez family. the oven is a gas oven, so it leaves all of the 'Chicken Corn on Blue' blackish on the outside (like a grilled or barbecued black). But it wasn´t bad.

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