Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference (please say this in the voice of Elder AIDUKAITUS!) (Rhys)

Hola, jews and gentiles (don´t ask me why, but that came to my mind as something funny to start out with)

This last week was General Conference!! As you probably already realized, one thing that you may not have realized is that there was a one legged man here in Argentina by the name of Oscar who got to hear the voice of the Prophet for the first time in his life.

Elder Murphy (our district leader) and I found Oscar during a division once and taught him the plan of salvation. We´ve returned a few times since (me and Elder rENFRO AND NOW eLDER wARE. . wow sorry about the caps lock, but I´ll explain the ELder Ware thing in a bit) and this whole past week, we´ve been trying hard to teach people about conference and what a great opportunity it was even up to the very Saturday of General Conference, when in between sessions, me and ELder Ware (like I said, I´ll get to it.) walked really fast for about 45 minutes to get to a lesson with Oscar and his wife in which I had the first lesson my whole mission that ended with a man crying and letting us know that he just wanted to be the man that God wanted him to be. Best. Lesson. Ever. and then we ran back as fast as we could (okay, not that fast, as fast as we could without dying of dehydration) to the chapel to not be late for the second session and eagerly awaiting the first session on Sunday when Oscar promised to come and listen to the prophet. 

And sure enough, at about 1:02, Elder Buhler (Buhler. . .Buhler. . .) walks in a little rushed and not wanting to miss any of conference and an anxious Me asks if he saw a one legged man on his way (we were going to walk with him to conference - I would have carried him if I had to - but had to dash those plans when he told us by phone not to pass by because he wasn´t at home, but he´d see us at 1:00) and Buhler says, kind of exasperatedly, "the guy with the crutch?, yeah, he just walked in." I jumped up and whooped and, sorry to my primary teachers, but I must admit that I ALMOST ran in the church to look through the little window of the main chapel to see our man Oscar, listening intently to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. That made my day. (oh, quick explanation that may make things a little  ore clear, Oscar has a moto)

Oh, and the reason that I wasn´t in the chapel was because I and the other Gringos were  listening in english in a little tiny slightly air conditioned room with all of our notes and snacks that we had bought in the pre-conference excitement the day before.

I loved Conference, loved all of the talks (#aidukaitus/doofenshmertz) and can´t help but wish I had always taken as good General Conference notes as I tried to take this time. Oh Well, I guess I have every conference in the future to make up for falling asleep when I was younger.

Elder Enright

Quick Elder Ware explanation, got a call thursday Morning from our District leader that Elder Renfro would be going to Resistencia that day at 1 and that I would get ELder Ware as a new comp.

All the gringos in the gringo room. Left to right. Elder Christianson, Elder Ware, Hna Davidson, Elder Parsons, Sister Baker, Elder White, Elder Buhler (in front), Elder Brough, Elder Enright.

The TMNT cup picture of the week.

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