Monday, April 7, 2014

Ghosts, Aliens, Miracles, and CONFERENCE (Bayley)

SO much to say, SO little time in which to share it.  So I guess I just better get going.  First of all, this week has brought us many, many things, including more questions regarding my belief on the matters of aliens, ghosts, and Satan, than I have ever before received.  No joke.  Apparently, in addition to being recognized as "church girls," here in Pasadena, Sister Crump and I have a growing reputation as ghostbusters and X-file agents.  In sitting in a Lesson 2 (the Plan of Salvation) earlier this week, our investigator interrupted us in the middle of talking about life after death to ask our opinion on if aliens are real.  Multiple door contacts have asked us the same question.  At least 3 members have told us about supernatural experiences they've had seeing ghosts, and asked for our advice on what to do (which, in case you're wondering, is to pray.  I have no idea how legitimate these ghost stories are, but I do have a firm testimony of the fact that you can't go wrong with prayer).  And on more than one occasion, we've been asked if we've ever felt bad for Satan, because, don't you know, he's just largely misunderstood and really just teaches us to be ourselves and stand up for ourselves, like he did to God.  Yes. Yes indeed.  I actually had to say these exact words in a lesson: don't worship Satan, he's evil.  Yeah.  Kinda thought that was a given, but apparently not.
Ghost stories aside, we have seen a lot of miracles this week.  Let me share with you one of my favorites: Becky.  Becky was a referral we got a while back from a street contact (a woman with several kids I may have insisted we stop and talk to largely because the oldest boy was carrying a giant Marvel notebook that I had great respect for).  Though that woman wasn't herself interested, we asked if she knew anyone and she immediately gave us Becky's name and really confusing directions to her apartment, since she didn't know the number (the directions were something like this: "it's the complex off Burke across from the old peoples home, except not that entrance the next entrance after El Ahorro, and then go to the back and then to the right but really just to the back because it's the last one facing the street, if you are headed right" keep in mind that Pasadena is basically nothing but very confusing apartment complexes with building 1 next to building 23) so really it was a miracle in the first place that we found Becky at all.  We managed to contact her a couple weeks ago, but then every attempt we've made to go back and teach her hasn't worked out.  However, earlier this week we had a member with us and our scheduled appointment fell through, so we decided to knock on Becky's door.  And she let us in (cue hallelujah chorus).  The lesson that followed was one of the most spiritually powerful lessons I have ever been part in.  Becky has five little kids (the oldest is 8, all of which are ADORABLE), and they all were gathered around her paying attention to us as we talked of Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel.  Our member, Hermana Rios, bore powerful testimony of how this gospel will help Becky raise her children and strengthen her family.  And then at the conclusion of our lesson we asked Becky to say the prayer.  Though she was hesitant at first, she finally said the prayer, and after saying "Dear Heavenly Father" began to cry, thanking Him for the things that she had heard, and that it was "so good," and that she felt so amazing.  Afterwards, she told us how she felt warm and like a huge burden had been taken off her shoulders.  We bore testimony that that was the Holy Ghost testifying that these things were true, and she teared up again.  Just before we left, Hermana Rios asked Sister Crump and I if we would sing "I am a Child of God" for Becky's children.  And then we told them about conference, prefacing it by telling them that though Joseph Smith was a living prophet, he had since passed away, to which Becky's oldest son exclaimed "aww man!"  Hahaha.  Seriously, the cutest thing ever.  We went back the next day, and all the kids came rushing out to the living room with their Restoration pamphlets clutched in their hands.  Becky told us that they had not put them down since seeing us the night before.  I am so excited for them to learn more about this gospel.  It is going to bless their little family so much. 
Another miracle is the fact that we have a baptism on Sunday.  I KNOW RIGHT.  Her name is Eva, and she is the nine year old daughter of a sister in our ward who has only just recently returned to activity in the church.  Basically, Eva is adorable and perfect in every way possible, and she is SO excited to get baptized.  When we went over last time to talk to her about it, we mentioned the word "baptism" and she raised her hand and said "speaking of baptism...I'M SO EXCITED!"  What's more, they feed us every time we go over.  Bonus.  Something I've learned in Pasadena is that the best way to eat a hot dog is with diced tomatoes and onions on top.  FACT.
But anyways.  So conference was this past weekend.  Have I told you how much I love conference?  Because it's a lot.  A lot a lot a lot.  And I'm ignoring the fact that it being conference means it's been 6 MONTHS since last conference, which I'm sure happened just like yesterday SERIOUSLY TIME WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME OKAY JUST STOP IT.  Let me share with you some of my favorite conference moments:
*note - these quotes are probably not 100% accurate, since most of them are taken from my bajillion pages of conference notes, in which I was basically trying to write down EVERYTHING THAT WAS SAID word for word while simultaneously eating excessive amounts of Reeses, so that my writing was largely illegible to anyone else and my hand hurt from writing so fast.  Conference problems.
Obviously, Jeffrey R Holland makes the cut: "People, if they want Gods at all, want comfortable Gods, Gods who will pat them on their heads and then send them off to pluck marigolds."  Quite possibly my favorite apostle quote of all time.
And then of course there was Uchtdorf - he never fails either.  Not like any of them do, but you know what I mean.  "We are made out of the stuff of eternity...In God's plan there are no endings, only everlasting beginnings."

Personally, as I'm obsessed with the principles of trust and obedience, L Tom Perry's talk was a winner: "Obedience is a choice between our limited knowledge and power and God's unlimited wisdom and omniscience."  BOOM.
And as always, our beloved prophet.  "We cannot fully love God if we do not love others, and we cannot fully love others if we do not love God....Every person we meet is a portion of mankind God has given us to love and serve."
So basically here is what I got out of conference:
Trust God
Stand strong in your beliefs
And really, there's not much more I can add to that.  I love this gospel.  I love my Heavenly Father.  I love this opportunity he has given me to be out here amongst his children, to bring to them this glorious message that His gospel has been RESTORED, and that we know the pathway home to Him.
Love you all,
Sister Bayley Enright

P-Day at the beach!

our district - from left to right elders meyer, six, brewer, sisters martin, crump, mcqueen, me, elders taylor, sarchet, yeates, and henrie

So this one time we didn't have a car because some of the bike elders needed it for their dentist appnt in kingwood, so the zls were gracious enough to let us borrow their car, so they gave us their keys including the keys to their of course we had to prank them by pamphleting the whole place.

For Rhys!

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