Monday, April 28, 2014

I would sing the ¨Changes¨song by David Bowie, but I´ve done that before (Kegan)

Buen Día to everyone!!

I am sure you have been anxiously awaiting my email this week, although I´m not sure why, because although the possibility of changes between my companion and I existed at the beginning of the week, nothing really ¨went down."

That´s right, I am going to stay here in Chamiza with Elder Ramirez for another 6 weeks!

As what seems to have been a start to our next change as a companionship we´ve found a rather larger amount of success this week.  The first of which being that we will now have not one, but TWO baptisms this next Saturday (The 3rd).  The first of which is, and has been for a while, Jaime.  Jaime has 68 years and is super prepared to be baptized.  I haven´t been able to imagine the man he once was that his family has described to me as rather filthy mouthed and alcoholic because since I have been here he has been working towards his baptism.  It is only an example to me of how much people are really changed by the Spirit

The other Baptism will be that of Jose.  Jose is the grandchild of our newly called ward mission leader and we have been teaching him since the weekend of Conference.  However, we walked into his house at the beginning of this week, ready to invite him to be baptised ourselves, when he told us immediately that he would be baptised the 3rd of May, having so decided with his mother (inactive member) and his grandfather ( the before mentioned ward mission leader who also happens to make amazing bread).

This week we have also found a new family of investigators who are super friendly and we have been approached by Baptist preachers claiming to ¨ know our religion and our need to know Jesus Christ¨ ( the best part may have been when he was professing that the evidence of Joseph Smith's falacy was his death in a jail when in an instant we professed that Jeremiah was put into jail for preaching the truth, he quickly departed after that).

Really great week and very short on time, but

Thank you all for you prayers and help to local missionaries

Elder ENright

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