Monday, April 21, 2014

JIF!! Easter, Fire Cleanup (FUERZA VALPO!), District Activity, etc (Kegan)

Happy Easter to everyone, because I most certainly forgot to say so last week, you know, Before easter had already passed,  But that´s ok, as I tell myself, because they don´t really celebrate Easter here in South America (Well I can´t really say that for a fact)  How about this part of Chile they don´t really celebrate Easter.

But that was the end of the week, the beginning of my week started with a terrible attempt to make pancakes using the wrong ingredients, so we´ll skip that part.

Actually the same night (As the day we had made said terrible pancakes, o sea Monday) we received a call that we would be rising bright and early the next day to go and work on cleanup in Valparaiso WOOOHOO!

So on tuesday we rose early to get exercises done and all and headed to the stake center from which we left to Valparaiso.  After what was like a half hour of orientation we were handed all the materials we would need (Manos Mormonas que Ayudan shirts, shovels, gloves, glasses face masks, and a lot more) we followed the leader, literally up about a million stairs to where the fire had left a scar on the mountainside.  That´s not an exaggeration either, everything was BURNED burned,  the whole area looked a little bit apocalyptic.

We spent the day removing rubble and sledge-hammering more remains into rubble to then remove that rubble, it was very rewarding work. tHE BEST PART OF THE DAY WAS WHEN i SAW HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE THERE WERE Woops Caps, that looks like a sudden burst of emotion but it isn´t.  Anywhoo, everyone for miles around was there in Valpo removing rubble or handing out bags of food.

It was terribly sad how many people there were sitting in the exact spot that their house had stood days before, but the amount of people helping those people made it much less sad.  Chile really has made me feel super patriotic sometimes, in the sense that I become stupidly proud at times how easy it is to find JIF peanut butter or a water fountain (Don´t exist here) in the land of the free (And the home of the brave) but I became very proud to be in Chile on tuesday when I saw what seemed like the whole country comforting and helping those in need.

Yes, getting covered in ash is very rewarding at times.

The next day (Short on time I´m going to focus on highlights) I got letters and JIF PEANUT BUTTER from my awesome family.

Today we had a District activity in which we headed to the Botanical Gardens ¨Nearby¨ and spent the majority of the day there, the only problem being that we had forgotten the food in the chapel.

Sorry for the lack of much better information, but it is late....

Que Sigan Orando por VALPO!!

Love Elder Enright

Not all of these pictures are Kegan's, I took a few from here
They are from the day Kegan was working there and show more of the fire damage.
Me and Elder McDaniels, about half of his sector is now burnt, it being Valpo and all.
Some manly Mormon men ready for service all bright and early.
Find Kegan (he is there)

Found him in this one too.

Elder Ramirez y Yo en Valpo

And Some P-Day pictures

Terrible pancakes we tried making (hint: if you are trying to bake in south america Cuña is NOT baking powder)

 My District

 Elders of my district

 La Laguna

Jif from home

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