Monday, April 28, 2014

Transfers (Rhys)

First off, I made it safely through transfers and I´ll be staying here for another transfer in Reconquista with Elder Ware, now the bad news:


As of May 1st, there will be no more packages received from outside of the country of Argentina, not for our mission anyways, because I guess it´s too much of a pain to get them or something. So anyway, only slightly disappointed.

Unfortunately, Elder White left this last transfer, that was kind of sad to see him go, but since he and Elder Ratliff and I are all part of the same group, we´ll see each other at the very least at the end of the mish [meaning they all came to the mission together and will all leave together]. The way that transfers happened though were thoroughly (you´ll have to forgive my spelling on that) rapid and all to anti climactic. Me and my comp dropped by a recent convert's (Danilo's) on the way home to pick up the clothes that he had washed for us, and then and there, a good half hour before we were told we would get the call, we got a call from the sisters who connected us to the conference call that the Zone leaders started. And I was supposed to call our district leader and so on and so forth. This all happened while we were walking back to the pensh, and they started reading off what would happen as we got into the pensh. The whole thing was confusing and hard to hear and way too fast, but we got the drift and then everyone cut and me and my comp just sat there feeling very un-animated about the whole thing. Then we hear White and Thomas booking it up the stairs and find out that no one had ever called them and so they had no idea what was happening and White was annoyed that no one had called him , but then we cleared things up with the District Leader and we knew how it would all play out. White left to Formosa to be Zone Leader with Elder Slangerup, other than that, we have pretty much the same zone, minor shancghe no más.

A real disappointing fact about this Sunday was when we went to find/walk to church with Oscar and his family, they weren´t really wanting to come, making me feel like I was obligating someone to come to church when they finally came, something that I was both happy about, and sad that they came not out of a sincere desire to come, but me possibly forcing them to, didn´t like that. What made it worse was when Oscar told us after Sacrament meeting that this all may be too much for him and there are other things that he wants to get in order before getting baptized. I also have been really disappointed this week by everyone else falling through, with the exception of one family. A husband and Wife (without the marriage part, we´ll work on that) and their two hilarious little sons that were references of teenagers laughing at us whom we talked to in the street. We had a lesson explaining the Book of Mormon with them just last night and it was the highlight of the week. When we got there, the littlest boy, Tisiano, was passed out on the ground in front of a TV playing the Chamber of Secrets. But the actual lesson was the best part, we were just answering lots of questions that they were throwing at us. The spirit of that lesson helped it not be just answering questions, but we were actually all laughing and having an awesome time while teaching these two awesome people about the gospel. Too often I find myself falling into a boring rut of teaching and I always have to fight to try and get better, but in the end it´s always just teaching by the spirit that helps me out of a rut.

I hope you all have an awesome week and anyone who knows or might be related to a Brother Bennion from the 6th ward, my family has informed me that he performed a "House of the Rising Sun" cover/parody about pancakes, if that´s not worth recording to listen to a thousand times, I don´t know what is.

Elder Enright

TMNT cup picture: me in my vest and there´s an egg from Easter in there somewhere

 District photo from the last zone meeting before transfers.

Taking pictures around the Catholic cathedral here, got to give it to the Catholics, their cathedrals are pretty cool.

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