Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Where There is Faith, there are MIRACLES (Bayley)

So, yesterday being memorial day, I'm writing a day late.  I hope yall enjoyed your Memorial Day holiday - we spent ours with our district running from doughnut shop to doughnut shop, just trying to get ourselves some good ol celebratory doughnuts, but apparently so was everybody else in Pasadena, since shop after shop was out.  But no worries - we're missionaries.  We have faith, we do work, we see miracles - and eventually we found doughnuts.  Then we all went to the park where we hovered around a merry-go-round waiting for the little kids that were swarmed all over it to give us a go, instead occupying ourselves with the monkey bars and five-foot high rock walls.  Finally one little girl came up to us and asked "what are you doing here?" When we told her we were just playing and having fun, she said "but you're a grown up, and this place is for kids."

So that crushed my spirit, but only a little bit, because eventually we did get a go on the merry-go-round.

But anyways

My goodness gracious giddy aunt.

This past week was amazing.

I feel like I say that basically every week...and it's always true of course, but guys, seriously - THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING.

Allow me to explain.

On Sunday, we had 2 BAPTISMS.

What's more, on Sunday, we had 7 INVESTIGATORS at church.

What's more, on Wednesday, we had a former investigator show up at church, tell us her life had gone backwards since she stopped meeting with us, and that she knew she needed to come to church, meet with the missionaries, and be baptized.

What's MORE, we saw just how personally God loves his children - we saw Him work in such a personalized way, that there is no way you could witness the miracles we saw and deny the reality of God as our Father.

Obviously I'm going to give you the details, so let's start with those baptisms: Sister Paris and Mary.

Sister Paris is the sister who has been coming to church with her member husband for years, and when we announced her baptism about half was the ward was like - "wait, what? Sister Paris isn't a member?"  True story.  Several weeks ago she came up to me and told me that she felt like it was time, and she needed to be baptized, and Sunday night we watched her enter the waters of baptism.  I love Sister Paris so much.  She is seriously one of the most spiritually in-tune people I know, and she knows just how incredible this gospel is - to the point where she has waited for years and years and years to be baptized because she wanted to be absolutely confident in her decision.  We learned this week that when Brother Paris first proposed to her like 11 years ago, it was at the Houston temple, and that after she agreed to marry him he promised to one day take her through the temple.  And now, eleven years later, their eternal family is within sight.  How amazing is God and His timing?  Pretty darn if you ask me.  I just consider myself so blessed to have been here when that time for her finally came.  If Sister Paris is not a miracle story, I don't know what is.

Our second baptism was Mary, who is 18 years old (as of this week) and who we have been teaching for a while, but she has always been very nervous and scared about baptism.  As her date was fast approaching, we were really nervous about how unsure she seemed about it, and truly poured out our hearts in prayer to God to not only give Mary the answer and confirmation she needed that this was true, but to help her recognize that answer as such and have the courage to act on it.

So with Tuesday comes zone conference, and amidst a spiritual feast of discussions on faith and miracles and instruction on family history and goal-setting (and also a scrapbooking activity in honor of President and Sister Crawford's alarmingly imminent departure, which mostly just served as a reminder to me that I just am not crafty, especially under time constraints) we get a text from Mary telling us that she has had some sort of dream/vision thing about her baptism.  Which we were super excited about but also super nervous (you never know where those "I had a vision..." discussions are going to go).  So we went over that night and she told us that in her dream/vision/thingamabob she had felt like she was an angel, and also that she was surrounded by angels, and had asked aloud if she should be baptized, to which she heard a loud voice shout "NO!"  

Which obviously was not what we were hoping for.  

But she went on to ask us if that was God shouting at her, to which we whipped out our scriptures and pointed out numerous places where the voice of God was identified not as something loud or harsh, but quiet and gentle.  We told her that the voice was either God's or Satan's, and we asked her to describe the voice and to compare it to the voice of God that is heard in 3 Nephi 11.  She told us immediately that no, the voice she had heard was nothing like the description of God's voice, and so realized that it was Satan telling her no, and that if Satan told her no, not only was he real and fighting against her, but also that if Satan was saying "no"...God was saying "yes", and she needed to be baptized. 

After that, she had so much confidence and strength moving forwards to her baptism, more than we had ever seen in her, and so we were of course pretty confident and excited in turn about Sunday.

Until Saturday night, when we received an unexpected phone call from her that she wasn't ready and didn't think she would be baptized.  We told her to pray, and bore our testimony of the importance of baptism, and as soon as we hung up decided that we needed to fast.  

Sunday morning, we texted her to confirm that she was coming to church, and decided to move forward with trust in the Lord that she would be baptized - so we didn't tell the Bishop or Ward Mission Leader or anyone that she was thinking of backing out.  What would happen was the Lord's will, obviously, but we wanted to be sure we did everything in our power to make that baptism happen.  Mary came to church, still unsure about whether or not she was actually going to be baptized (*note* I probably got like 4 ulcers during this entire experience, just FYI), and after church got out, she went home.  But we prepared with Sister Paris for her baptism, and the young man who was planning on baptizing Mary just found a jumpsuit and that fit him - just in case - and we just held onto that faith that God's will be done, and that whatever happened was entirely His plan and in His control.  

Five minutes before the baptism was to begin, Mary came through the church door, came up to us, and said she knew she needed to be baptized today.  She changed into a jumpsuit, we snapped pictures speedy fast, and 20 minutes later she was baptized at one of the most incredible spiritual baptismal services I've ever attended.

Now, if THAT is not a miracle, I definitely do not know what is.

With Mary's baptism, we had to just trust God completely - whether it went through or not, I had to completely surrender my will to His and be at peace with whatever happened.  Which was a miracle.

What's more, at that baptismal service, we had almost the entire chapel filled with people coming to support these two sisters, and as we sang "Come Unto Jesus," the closing hymn, I may or may not have even gotten a wee bit teary eyed (maybe possibly like barely not really) - because let me tell you people, I don't know if I have ever felt my heart so full of joy and gratitude for my Savior, and for my Heavenly Father, and for the love they have not only for me, but for these people.  

Y'all, this gospel is real.
God is real.
Miracles are real.

And it just really doesn't get much more real than that.

Sister Bayley Enright

 ​President and Sister Crawford :D

 Sister Killian, Sister Paris, and me

 ​Dallin (who baptized Mary) Sister Crump, Mary, me, Sis Killian, Sis Paris, and Sis Miller

​Alasnee, Sister Crump, Mary's sister Liz, Mary, me, Sistah Killian

Monday, May 26, 2014

Reunion de Lideres de Distrito y mucho más (Kegan)

Hello beloved fans

This week has not been quite as full of work as I would have desired.  However we were able to have an awesome Noche de Hogar Miercoles en la noche.  The two families present got along super well and the investigator family were able to really open up to the member family (funny thing about Chile I haven´t mentioned, everyone has Two last names).  The investigator family accepted the invitation to be baptized but seeing as they are not yet married we will first need to get them married before they have a date for their Baptism.

Milovan, the 9 year old grandson of an inactive former bishop who lives literally right next to us, is going to be baptized this coming Saturday!!!!! Whooohooo!!!  We went through the commandments teaching them with accompanying hand signals to remember the number and subject of the commandment.  My favorite was the tenth, thou shalt not covet, at which point Milovan made up his own hand signal, making Gollum-like hand movements to signal the sin of coveting.  In related news, I have adopted a new form of teaching the 10 commandments (at least the tenth).

This Friday I went to the center of Viña to be present in a meeting of District Leaders (Or as I would prefer, The Elite Super Soldiers of Zion) to receive training from our president.  It was during that meeting that I realized how much better I could be as an Elite Super Soldier of Zion.  We also got to do a lot of practices, and you know what? You can invite someone to be Baptized in less than 5 minutes!!!

Afterwards I was able to Sacar fotos with some of my former district members and one awesome trainer ELDER CALL!!!!!

The photos of my beautiful face along with those of my conocidos are included below (You're welcome Fans!!)

Just remember that for every missionary you give a reference to ...you complete with a commandment of GOD, yeah, kind of important.

Love Elder Enright

 Elder Choque!!!

 Elder Nash!!!

 ELDER CALL!!!!!!!!! (Plus awkward straight arm)

Elder McDaniel!!!

 District leader training.

Really-kind-of-somewhat-crappy-week to not-too-bad (Rhys)

Hola, Teachers, missionaries, siblings who are missionaries, parents, sibling in college, Awesome people from Vegas, cousin, and the rest of my siblings who are living what sounds like a vacation at home.

       I think that covers everyone.  .  .

       As for those of you at home that fall into that last category, congratulations. But no matter which  of those categories you fall into, I have a very quick story to tell you all. This past week started with what me and my comp agreed to be our best P-day of the mish. not for any particular reason other than the fact that we got a lot done--got music from my family off of email, bought speakers to plug into my MP3 player (thanks  Bro. Hurtado! - speaking of which, if anybody knows how Hno. Hurtado´s doing or has his email, is it alright if I ask for an update on the awesome man or his email??) and then we just ended up having lots of success with the little time that we had, so all around just a good day. But past experiences in the mission have taught me that if I have a really awesome P-day, then I can expect it to mean that I am being allowed to enjoy my P-day a little bit extra, because the week is going to be tough. I don´t want that to sound like I´m putting doctrine out there, but it´s something that I´ve noticed happens with me. SO I prepared myself for a tough week.

          And it was tough.

       We worked (we felt) just as hard as we had been the last week, but fewer and fewer people were wanting to talk to us. Fewer investigators came through with their citas, and fewer hours were actually spent sleeping (just a side effect I guess, I won´t say that normally sleep is easy, it just got worse. oh, and all my dreams were of missionary work, so that was actually a lot of fun, I would be dreaming of me and Elder Ware contacting and then random things would happen like one time it turned out that we were teaching a duck. In a completely other dream, we left a cita and just kind of teleported to the next one - a skill that would be stupendously fantastic.). But we started to kind of get down for the bad week we had had (Dumb english moment) and started trying to be even better. More obedient, more diligent, better at praying, better at contacting, better at exercise in the morning (usually pretty good at this one, but with the cold, getting up and running has been less probable every morning and the other option of exercising on cold tile floor is only a bit more appealing, but I usually pick that one). The message is, that if anything, the Mission has made me realize how real and rapid the pride cycle is (if you´re reading this and are Mormon, you understand. If you are reading this and are not a Mormon, just ask your friendly neighborhood Mormon what the pride cycle is and that may help to clear things up), I feel like I go through the whole thing at least once every two weeks, it´s crazy. Back to the story. Just this past Saturday, an hour and a half before we needed to be in our suits and in the chapel for a session of Stake Conference (llamamientos only). We were talking to a kind of dead investigator who sells torta frita and we like to help her when we can so we bought one with the two pesos we had, and while we were talking, I saw a group of seven adults sitting in a circle, drinking mate, who had stopped talking to watch us. What immediately jumped into my mind was to go and talk to them, but the second thing immediately followed, "yeah right, they´ll probably just say no." What made up my mind is that this week had already been awful, couldn´t get worse and why the fetch not? a half hour later, Elder Ware and I walked away with three citas to visit them in their respective groups that week and all had accepted to be baptized in this coming month of June. I knew immediately after that that we had been given a good P-day for the bad week that was sure to come and we were given the bad week to push us into making sure that we talked to Gustavo, Macarena, Rosio, Julia, otro Gustavo, Hugo, and Loralee. It was awesome.

Oh, than that night had a depressing lesson with the  Familia R....  where we pretty much told them that all the stuff that they had read online about Joseph Smith and the church was a lie and if they really want to be sure, they have to really read the Book of Mormon, that kind of stunk. Mostly because of all the doubts that the stupid internet caused the dad to have. I never hated the internet so much in my life. I´ll keep you guys updated on them, they didn´t come to church this week but we´re going to see them this Tuesday, cross your fingers.

Well, I´m out, certain members of my family may or may not understand the reference of the following photo.

Elder Enright

 This week's cup photo has guest stars Elder Thomas and Elder Clemons, both from Utah, in  a series of photos called 'think fast.'

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Short one again, sorry. (Rhys)

Hi everybody, I have to be short again (at least you get a picture of me, depending on which one I put in) but I want to share very quickly, the story of the R... family as I type one handed. One day last month, me and Elder Ware were doing some contacts, cuz what else are we going to do with our spare time? We went up to a group of teenagers all sitting out in front of their house talking and drinking mate. Not too far in, we could tell that they had very little interest, so nothing left to do but share our testimonies and ask for references. They surprised us by gesturing to the pink house right by them, to which a small boy of the group (whom I hadn´t even noticed at first due to his small three year-old boyishness) immediately walked to after handing off the mate cup to one of the teenagers. We talked to a nice lady at the door (the mom of the little  boy) and fijamos a cita for a few days later. That was the first cita that we ended up having with this awesome family who has since come a long way and their two kids (Sebastian- age 6 and the funniest kid in Argentina, and Tisiano- age 3 who apparently sometimes drinks matte with a group of teenage friends, not even kidding, the weird thing was how normal it all seemed to them). We are currently helping the parents get married and the best experience that we´ve had so far was a cita we had after them telling us that they hadn´t planned to be married for like a year. . . .or two. Well, we left THAT cita with a commitment to pray and be open to what it was that God wanted them to do. Three days later we had the cita in question (the awesome one) that started out with them letting us know that they had prayed and though they didn´t quite think that they had received an answer, they now had more ganas to get married. We quickly explained that that was their answer and then later partied in the pensh before planning. Basically, even though it´s likely that I´ll leave before they get baptized next month, I can´t wait to go through the temple with them (something that they´re super excited for) in a year. 

Elder Enright

  Something that I did to the inside of my Libro De Mormon over the past week (sorry Bayley, I´ll skip some drawing this week and get writing on P-day)

 Me eating at a nice ice cream place in Reconquista called Damevin, totally hitting it up, Kegan, when we tour Sud America.

Read the Book of Mormon (Kegan)

For any of you who have seen the District (that immediately includes all of you missionaries) You´ll know what I´m talking about, for those of you who haven´t, it is basically a documentary on missionary work and there is one part where an Hermana missionary says that not All of the mission will be super fun, meaning you will feel sad, and frustrated sometimes, but it really is the best experience to have (Don´t cite me on that, it´s not exact, sue me, actually please don´t do that).  Well, she is absolutely right. The mission is the best place to be whenever and wherever you serve.  But, she most definitely spoke the truth in saying that frustration will be a part of the mission. 

However, just because this week has been frustrating doesn´t exactly mean it hasn´t been enjoyable

This week we contacted a super old man who we were able to contact because he doesn´t move as fast as the rest of the residential Chileans here.  However, quickly after we had begun I couldn´t decide what would be the best thing to do as he bagan to ask us to tell God to punish the robber that lives beside the Evangelical church on his street.

You gotta enjoy the little things I guess.

In other news we have begun to work more with the members, to help them read the Book of Mormon and be active in the church, we may also be trying to trick them into giving us references.  It has gone super well as of now, but I should just say that it is very important to actually be reading the Book of Mormon (really whether you are a member or not READ IT) 

As a missionary I am able to share the Book of Mormon with a whole lot of people every day, but there are still so many out there who, for some reason or another, do not get an opportunity to discover the Book of Mormon for a long time, maybe never.  We had Ward Conference a week ago and the Stake President told the story of a new member of his own ward who bore his testimony at his baptism, (he also said it in spanish, I´ll translate) He said that he had lived with neighbors who were members for ten years before he was introduced to the gospel and then he simply said ¨open your mouths.¨  If we really Do believe in the Restoration of the Gospel it means we believe that this is the Only church on the Earth that possesses the power God, which is necessary for all of our salvation, You´d have to really hate someone to be keeping them from the opportunity to discover the truth of this church and of the Book of Mormon.

That is all I really have time for, but seriously if you are a member, Share it, if you are not, Search it
So with that said I should log out very soon, and not just because the guy who runs this place seems to also enjoy movies absolutely FULL of bad language, *sigh* oh Babylon

Love Elder Enright

Thuh Zoooone!!

 Just peeling paint that happens to be Santa Claus (Intercambios with Elder Shiflet)

 The garden decorations here are literally the best in the world

Monday, May 19, 2014

"Do you know anything about the feeling of love?" (Bayley)

So earlier this week Sister Killian and I met a young man named Sebastian, about 14, who told us all about his dreams of basketball stardom and invited us to come back and teach him and his family a few days later.  So yesterday we went over and knocked on his door, in high hopes of a Restoration lesson and at least one or two baptismal commitments.  Sebastian answers the door with some awkward small talk about how his parents aren't home, and then asks us, in all seriousness, "do you know anything about the feeling of love?"

And remember how sometimes I have this problem where I laugh uncontrollably at the most inappropriate times?

Yeah this was one of those times.

So we're standing there with this kid who goes on to tell us all about how he had met this girl at the 8th grade dance last night and ever since then had felt like "he wasn't even part of this world anymore" while I try my best to control my laughter while my companion tries to maintain dignity.  Poor Sister Killian.  She handled the situation admirably though, first asking Sebastian if he'd asked the girl out and then subtly transitioning to how love is a good feeling and you know who else loves us? God.  See, that's what companions are for.  After we left she was like "wait till the car wait till the car" and as soon as we got inside we both exploded with laughter.

Ah, missions.  Seriously the best time of your life.

In other news, we had so many miracles this last week it was OUTTA CONTROL.

First of all, let me tell you about Sheri.

So we were at this apartment complex (as we always are here in Pasadena) going to contact a referral when we walked by this lady standing outside her apartment looking quite distraught.  And since we're missionaries and we know that no matter what your needs or concerns might be, the Savior and His teachings—the gospel—will help you, we went up to this lady and asked her if everything was alright.  At which point to commenced to tell us all about how her sister has gone crazy and her brother wants to put her in the mental hospital but Sheri promised her sister she would never do that to her, so she doesn't know what to do.  So we asked if we could say a prayer, which she agreed to.  After the prayer we talked a little bit and shared a scripture and went on our way.  The next day, we were back at the same apartment complex and bumped into Sheri again, except she looked a lot happier.  As soon as she saw us, she ran up to us excitedly and told us that her sister woke up this morning completely normal and healed, and she knew that it was all because of our prayer.  She thanked us over and over again and told us that we were her sisters and that she would now forever be in our debt.

So, the moral of the story is this:
God is real.
Miracles are real.
Prayer is real.

And so long you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, and so long as you have the faith in trust and God that He is in control, he will work miracles through you.  As Richard G. Scott put it, far more eloquently than I could, "If you seek His help, be sure you life is clean, your motives are worthy, and you're willing to do what He asks - for He will answer your prayers.  He is your loving Father; you are His beloved child. He loves you perfectly and wants to help you."  How amazing and humbling is that?!  And that promise isn't limited to full time missionaries.  Each and every one of us has within our power the ability to access the powers of heaven.  That's just how great God is.  

Other highlights of the week include...
1) the stake function where they had a dunk tank for bishops.  Brilliant.  They also had a talent show where many people from the Spanish wards sang loud Spanish ballads that everybody *else* sang along with while the rest of us nodded and pretended we understood Spanish.
2) the fact that only one missionary companionship from each ward was allowed to go, and President chose Sister Killian and I to go for Fairmont :D
3) Marcy, an amazing woman we met just this week who has ALREADY COME TO CHURCH.  Seriously guys this is real life.  Miracles are happening in Pasadena.
4) Going on exchanges to La Porte, where Sister McQueen and I got lost looking for a street that didn't exist on the map.  We finally decided that a little unnamed blip of a street was the Street of Requirement, and that it would be the street we were looking for, and you better believe me when I tell you IT TOTALLY WAS.  Exchanges are so amazing.  You get to see miracles and eat another missionary's food and stay up late telling life stories and then regretting it immensely when the alarm goes off at 6:30.

In addition to all those joys, let me tell you something else I've learned this week: the reality and seriousness of the priesthood.  In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are privileged to have at our easy access the power of God - through the priesthood holders in our families and in our wards.  Through our fathers and brothers and bishops and home teachers.  As such, crucially important for the success of the saints is that they can trust the priesthood brethren who have stewardship over them.  We need to be able to rely on men who hold the priesthood to fulfill their callings, because if we cannot access God's priesthood power simply because the vessel whom he has entrusted it with is neglecting their duties, we all suffer.
If you have the priesthood, please understand how important that is.  Please please please, I plead with you, honor that responsibility.  In holding the priesthood, you are standing in Christ's place wherever you go.  The callings and responsibilities you are given are things He is having you do in His place.
If you have access to the priesthood, please take advantage of it.  Do not ever underestimate the power of a priesthood blessing.
If you do not have access to the priesthood, get access to it.  Go to church if you are not going.  Live the commandments if you are not living them.  The power of God is on the earth, and we have it at our fingertips.  We should never forget that.

Love you all so much!

One last request - I'm trying to get people to send me their favorite talks - conference talks, devotional talks, have it what you will.  But please send them to me as soon as you can - at 1000 Curtis St Apt 503 Pasadena TX 77506.  You could email them too I guess if you want, except that then I have to print them and printing is 15 cents a page...so your call.  But I seriously would LOVE it if y'all would help me out with this.

I hope your week is filled with prayers and miracles and also doughnuts because, well, because doughnuts are amazing.

Sister Bayley Enright

 Perks of being Sister Killian's companion - the fact that her family owns Killian Korn and they sent us excessive quantities of happiness :D

 The most terrifying sight in all of Pasadena.

The fact that it was actually cool enough in Texas in May to wear a scarf this last week - MIRACLES

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day (Rhys)

To start off, I think that first of all I should explain the photo. Every single Mother´s Day and Christmas of the year, we missionaries get to call home via skype and talk for a certain amount of time with our wonderful families. And I got to call from the house of a super cool member who I may have mentioned earlier, Danilo, and his equally awesome cousin, Soledad. And a quick explanation of the cup: every week, I send one picture of me with this cup in it to my family to fulfill an agreement that I made with a sister of mine. The end.

I´m not going to take up too much time, even though a lot has happened this week, so I´ll make it real fast. Did divisions with the zone leaders (super sick!), we went to Saenz Peña for a multi zone conference and I got to see ELder Cannon again and some other elders (namely ELder Mudrovich). The family that we´re teaching came to church for the first time and their kids loved it and the little boy kept telling his dad after wards that  he had to get a white shirt and tie for next time. The sad part is that Oscar and Gisela haven´t been to church for 2 weeks now, and the problem that we´re working on fixing for both the families marriage (aaaaahahahahah!!!ggghghghghgh!!!) that describes my week in a nutshell.

Elder Enright

Mother's Day Skype.
Division with Elder Mendoza from Lima, Peru.
Foto de la conderencia

Mothers Day, and the week that seems to have come before it. (Kegan)

Yesterday was Mother's day, and as you all know, at least I think you do.... but to be sure we are all on the same page, Mothers Day is the only day of the year other than Christmas that we, as missionaries, can call and talk to our families.  

Thanks to amazing tiny cameras, and a lot of other computer stuff I swear to one day understand (aka Skype) I was able to both see and speak with my Awesome Family in Colorado, my awesome sister at BYU-I, my awesome twin brother Rhys who for some tragic reason is stuck somewhere in Argentina, and hear, but Not see, my sister Bayley serving in Texas. (Shout out to the super similar state flag of Texas to that of Chile!!)

It was super...super to talk with my family again but also very scary that it felt as if zero time had passed since we had last spoken via Skype (Christmas).  Yet another evidence of how rapidly the time passes here in the mission, I don´t like it too much.

However fast time DOES, pass here on the mission it does seem to just keep getting better and better. 

This week my companion and I have been adjusting from what was blistering cancer-causing heat, to super wet and foggy cold.  The change in the weather caught us a bit by surprise, but my companion is certainly happier in cold weather than in warm.  

The fog and rain here are both impressively different in some ways to what I am used to.  The rain is hardly even there but super cold, I am told however that I haven´t seen anything of the rain we are expected to get here. The fog on the other hand appears to make everything super wet, Being, you know, water and all, that is to be expected, but it is just super wet and makes it hard to keep anything clean when that means that a dirt path or road is converted to mud.

Our investigators of late have not been progressing, we are going to have another Baptism the 31st of this month.  Milovan, the 9 year-old son of a member who is activating herself, is the baptism candidate.  He is super fun to teach because it is blatantly obvious that he has ADHD tendencies and can´t really focus on the lesson, but he is very intelligent and mature for his age.

Until then Elder Ramirez and I have to re-double our efforts to find those who can commit to come to church and then FULFILL, that commitment, not that I´m trying to say something.

But seriously people, missionary work is serious, help your local missionaries with anything, especially if that means cookies

Love Elder Enright

 Awesome secret garden path thingamigig

Hna Maria and Elder Fetching Four Eyes Enright


Interviews with President Kahnlein.

Of Mother's Day and Miracles (Bayley)

So for those of you who are unaware of the fact, on Mother's Day missionaries get to call home - the only day out of the year other than Christmas that we actually get to talk to our families.  So obviously, yesterday was a pretty special day for me.  Not only was I able to talk to my family at home, but I was able to listen to and talk to my brothers in Chile and Argentina and my sister in Idaho who all Skyped in, so that we could all be there together in some way or form for those 40 minutes.  Seriously, SUCH a tender mercy of the Lord, them technologies.  With so many people and so many different method of communication, the phone call was appropriately crazy and loud and often incomprehensible - but as that is usually the way it is in my family anyways, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Calling your family is really so surreal though.  You hear your parents' voices and part of your brain is like "I haven't heard these voices in 5 months - OHMYGOODNESS" and the other part is like "oh hey mom and dad whatsup? just talking on the phone no big deal" and then you hang up and you're in Texas and you have an appointment in ten minutes and you need to teach about the Plan of Salvation and when Mom and Dad say "talk to you later" they mean like in 7 months not like tomorrow, but at the same time you realize it's been 5 months since you talked to them last and that went by like THAT so you know that those 7 months are going to be gone faster than anything.  And then you just write really long run-on sentences in your weekly email because you're trying to figure out if that was actually real life that you just talked to your family yesterday.

True story.

So happy mother's day to all of you out there.  But especially to mothers.  My mommy means the world to me, and since I couldn't give her a hug, I hope yall gave your moms like double the love.  The church put out this really awesome video called "It was Mom" (I think there was a hashtag involved in there too because we're cool now) that did NOT make me cry or tear up even a little bit, and if you haven't seen it, go see it now.


In other news, according to my companion, I was sleep-talk-teaching a lesson last night, with scriptures and all.  I haven't been so happy about unintentionally keeping my companion awake as I was when I heard that.  Nothing like sleep-teaching.

This week we saw a fair number of miracles, as well as many awkward Spanish street contacts.  But definitely more of the latter.

First of all - Sister Paris.  Sister Paris has been coming to church with her husband, Brother Paris (I know crazy right) for 13 years, but has never been baptized.  Yes she's heard the lessons a fair number of times, but it has just never been time.  UNTIL NOW.  Last week, she comes up to me and goes "Sister Enright, I want to take the lessons.  I think it's time for me to get baptized."  

We can do that.

So we've been teaching her the lessons which she knows better than us I think, and she's getting baptized on May 25.  Such a miracle.  I love Sister Paris.  She is seriously one of the coolest people I know.  She has ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls framed and hanging on her wall, and she makes pie out of yogurt.  She's incredible.

Miracle numero dos

Yesterday at church, a couple we've been working with (the wife was baptized last year and the husband will be getting baptized...later on) brought a friend to church with them.  The wife invited me to sit by her friend during gospel principles, and as I sat next to her she began asking me questions about Mormons and what this church is about and what makes us different.  I whipped out my Restoration pamphlet like nobody's business and gave her a mini lesson in the middle of SundaySchool, with the help of the entire gospel principles class chipping in and teaching various points to this visitor with all the questions.  At the end of class she turns to me and goes "this is so amazing, I didn't know this existed.  Can me and my son be baptized?"

As said, we can do that.

She lives in the elders area, so after class I went and introduced them to her, telling them her name and that this is her first time at church and she wants to learn more so she can be baptized.  The look on the elders faces was priceless.  Miracles.

But anyways, to all of you out there, I hope you know how much I love you.  How much I love this work.  How much I love my Savior.  This work is REAL.  This gospel is TRUE.  And there is nothing, NOTHING, better.

Sister Bayley Enright

 Sometimes as missionaries we get to take away other people's cigarettes.  It's the best.

HOBBES.  This is real life guys.

Monday, May 5, 2014

DAISY´S BACK!! :D :) (: ;P :D :D :D !!! (Rhys)

First, before I say anything else I want to make sure that everyone knows what made my whole week this past Tuesday: when Elder Batt (shared a pensh with me in Formosa and also conveniently stayed there up until these last transfers and now is in the same zone as I am) told me that Daisy (as in the Daisy, awesome super cool prepared Daisy from that one email about Daisy and something else) got Baptized!!!!!!  Apparently the guy that she was with and who also ended up scaring her away from us because he really didn´t want to get married, moved away and she got baptized shortly after. Also, inactive family that we were working with to reactivate? Super active now and helping the missionary work last I heard. I´m only a little sad that all this happened after I left, but I´m so happy and even more motivated to return after the mish and visit Argentina when the whole country is Mormon!!

Whew, alright, now to the week. Our whole district got skunked like crazy this last Sunday when we had a single investigator, from the whole district, come to church, but before that, it was really sick! However, that made the Sunday an even bigger bummer when none of our news came to church. 

Basically only have one or two cool stories worth sharing, both involving Danilo, who, if he had his way, would be hanging out with us all day every day, which I wouldn´t actually mind too much. But one night, me and Elder Ware received a call from Danilo that he wanted us to come over immediately. Since we didn´t have too much left to do, or too much time, we let him know we´d be over and rushed to see what was so important. When we get to Danilo´s house, he lets me know that he´d been talking to my mom on face (what everyone calls facebook) and that he wanted me to be able to write to her. I told him that I wasn´t allowed, which only frustrated him and he tried to tell me that´s dumb. But luckily, Jonatan (another recent convert) was there and he knows a bit of English (hoping to go to the States on a mish in a few years) and he acted as my scribe as we slowly spelled things out and communicated with the greatest mom in the world, Danilo kept telling me that it would be way faster and way better if I would just do it, but I can wait until Mother's Day for that. 

The other story is just us going to Danilo´s house for his birthday (his birthday is the 3rd of May, but we celebrated the night of the fourth, so it was like we were celebrating the Star Wars holiday, May the Fourth)

And I´m shot for cool stories, other than we´ll be getting up at roughly 2:30 tomorrow to head up to Saenz Peña for a conference, buying snacks for that ride tonight.

Elder Enright

Fionnula requested a TMNT cup picture of Rhys eating the cup.....


Baptisms, Confirmations, Brownies, and Cake for STAR WARS DAY!! (Kegan)

(But I'm a missionary, so it was only May Fourth)

As I already spoiled in the title of this ungrateful email, ¡We had baptisms this weekend!

But that comes later.

At the beginning of this week my Comp (Ramirez) and I determined that we would have to teach Jose every day of the week in order to prepare him for his suddenly very close Baptismal date.

We also would have to be keeping constant and daily communication with Jaime seeing as he was an investigator with a baptismal date (Kind of a rule with the whole daily contact thing, for reference see the last page of Preach my Gospel or page 158 line 3 from the top of the page) ( not sure that´s necesarry) (or that I just spelled nesecarry right, but who the heck is going to correct me)

SO this week we have been passing by every day both Jaime y Jose, to the point I am sure that members became worried we had lost our minds.  (That actually was confirmed by our new Ward mission leader a few days ago)

In that very same meeting with our Ward  mission leader we realized that there was absolutely no gas in the building, making a baptism with warm water impossible.  SO we made sure that Jose and Jaime would be okay with it and we moved on.

On the day and at the hour of the baptism (actually a half hour after the PROGRAMMED hour of the baptism) everything was prepared, oh so we thought.

The DVD player we were going to use didn´t actually function and as I found out upon Jaime and his nephew's entrance into the font (his nephew from Quintero baptized him, his name is David) David hadn´t practiced at all and was questioning me frantically to know the right wording of the ordinance. In the end, poor Jaime, having agreed to be plunged into cold water once, was made to do it two more times, due to improper wording and incomplete submersion.  Needless to say, the Elder's quorum class the following sunday we practiced performing the ordinance of baptism.  

In the case of lessons taught this week the majority were taught to the two who got baptized this past weekend, but, while in intercambios we found and awesome couple of old investigators from another area who had moved here a few months back.  When we contacted them they actually told us they had seen us and commented on our approach before we had begun talking to them.  Yes, Talking to EVERYONE, is important, if not, we would not be helping these two get married and baptized.  

Speaking of marriage and baptism, there is one similar case, we have been helping an inactive member who moved from Peru, is super tall and named Wladimir (the ¨w¨is pronounced like a ¨v¨ ). He brought his soon to be wife who isn´t a member to church this week.  ETERNAL FAMILY!!!!

Love Elder Enright

From the left, One handsome gringo, Hno Jorquera, Jose Ignacio, Elder Ramirez, Jaime, David Gonzalez (nephew of Jaime, is actually from Quintero)


Pasadena Happiness (Bayley)

Obviously, every missionary thinks wherever they serve is the best, but I am here to tell you something you may or may not have heard before - my mission is the greatest.  What's more - my areas are the greatest.  I consider myself 400% blessed that I've had just 2 areas my whole mission, and lemme tell you - Lake Charles, LA and Pasadena, TX will always and forever be two of the most important places in the world to me.

That said, allow me to introduce you to my new companion - Sister Killian!  She is from Ritzville (spelling?) Washington, is one of nine children, is 6 feet tall, and spends most of the time laughing at me and all my ridiculousness.  I love her to death.  I have been so blessed with each and every one of my companions.  I have loved them all, and I have learned from them all, and I am excited to see what it is that Sis Killian has in store for me.

Now, remember how I'm still here in Pasadena?  Whelp, at transfer meeting this past week, President Crawford in his little transfer meeting schpiel talked all about how, in arranging this transfer, he had been woken up by the Spirit multiple times after the transfer had been arranged, telling him that something wasn't right and he needed to go by and rework it.  Well, anyways, after we've all been companion-ed up, he came up to me and goes "Sister Enright, you know - it was you that kept waking me up.  You were leaving Pasadena, did you know that?  But then I just couldn't do it - something wasn't right.  So you get to stay."


So here's a couple of things that taught me:
1) Transfers are inspired.  Wherever we are, that is where we are supposed to be. End of story.
2) Obviously, there is SOMETHING I'm supposed to do here in Pasadena that I either haven't figured out yet, or that I have yet to discover.  So let's get cracking.

Some stories for you though.

First of all, one last one about my dear baby Crump who I am still so sad has left me.  (I forgot to tell you this story last week, and it's a winner).  So we were fasting, right? and it's like 8pm and we went to go check on this potential that ended up letting us in and sit down and talk with them.  And as we are sitting there, they offer us Coke. NOTE: Sister Crump is basically addicted to Coke.  She seriously downed so much of that stuff I couldn't believe it.  So I say "no thanks" because we're fasting, right? but that little fact has obviously slipped my baby's mind because she goes "oh, sure!" at which point I turn to her and whisper "we're fasting!"  Now, obviously, there were a few different ways she could've handled this situation at this point, since the guy was already up and getting her Coke.  Here's how to she chose to do so: by yelling out "oh, no!  No I can't."  The guy and his wife kinda look at each other oddly and back at us and are all "um, why not?  Is it against your religion?"  I just turn to Sister Crump, letting her figure this one out.  Now, before I tell you her response, let me tell you what her reasons for this particular response are: 1) she didn't want to tell them that no, we can't drink Coke, because that's a lie and also would scare them off.  2) she didn't want to tell them about fasting, because she felt like throwing Law of the Fast out in the first lesson would be a little bit of a throw off as well. And 3) she didn't want to offend them by turning down their Coke.  So here's what she went with: "I can't drink anything after a certain hour or else I have to go to the bathroom all night."


At which, I basically died of laughter and couldn't stop.  Which required quite the spiritual transition when it came time to teach them all about the gospel and prophets and whatnot, but with God, all things are possible.

Other stories.

So yesterday we went and stopped by one of our investigator's apartments, someone we hadn't seen in some time and were worried about.  So we knocked on his door, and he comes out and hurriedly shuts the door behind him.  He then proceeded to tell us that we should probably come back at a different time, since right now he and his wife are currently hiding an escaped mental hospital patient in their room.

Yup.  Only in Pasadena.

Also, this past week we had FHE with a family in our ward and were teaching them about Lehi's Dream, and they have a six year old boy who just isn't getting it.  So I look at him and said "Chi (his name is Malachi, or "Chi" for short) in Lehi's dream, the fruit on the tree makes you happier than anything else.  What is something that makes you the happiest?" he sits there thoughtfully for a minute, as his mother and grandmother give him such suggestions as "Jesus, your family, church" and finally he announces "I know!  It's WAFFLES!"  

I can respect that.

Little kids' interpretations of the tree of life are my favorite.

And now, some closing thoughts on one of my favorite topics: OBEDIENCE.

As missionaries, we talk about obedience all the time.  Obedience to the missionary schedule, obedience to the White Handbook, obedience to your mission president.  And we work with people who aren't exactly being obedient to all of God's commandments.  So obedience is kind of a big deal for me, as it should be for every missionary - actually, for every person.  And something I've learned on my mission is how much obedience gives you POWER.  Seriously, just think about it.  When we are simply obedient, God can trust us.  He can trust us with miracles, he can trust us with blessings, he can trust us with responsibility, he can trust us with his work, he can trust us with his children.  Richard G. Scott said it nicely - "through the application of correct principles and eternal truths and the consistent, appropriate use of moral agency, you will begin to convert [your divine] potential into reality...You can qualify through that divine power to be an instrument in the hands of God an can accomplish what alone would be impossible."  

There is nothing that breaks my heart more than to see someone suffering because of their disobedience, and to see them refuse to give up that one little streak of rebelliousness that, when surrendered, would grant unto them solutions to all their problems and happiness beyond their imagination.  Disobedience to God's commandments doesn't mean just killing people and breaking the law of chastity.  It could be ditching church for sports games, it could be skipping your scripture reading every other day, it could be wearing two pairs of earrings instead of one, or dating before you're sixteen.  The commandments of God are many, but they are given as opportunities for us to be filled with God's power.

Just be obedient, people.  Just do it.  I can promise that obedience brings more happiness and more confidence and more spirituality and more of basically everything.  It just does.

I love you all!  Thanks for your prayers, for your faith, for all your awesomeness.  I love you, Christ loves you, God loves you.

Sister Enright

And now, for pictures!  I looks like I finally figured out how to upload them right!  (And by that I mean the computers finally decided to start working with me)

Me and Sister Killian

One of the best things about transfer meetings: getting to see all your ol' mission pals: Elder Gilbert, me, Elder Poplin, and Hermana Duffin

One of my favoritest families - from the left over, Angela (with her son Malachi) Sistah Crump, Andrea, me, Alma, and Zach (who has decided I am his best friend, and I'm 200% okay with that)