Monday, May 5, 2014

Baptisms, Confirmations, Brownies, and Cake for STAR WARS DAY!! (Kegan)

(But I'm a missionary, so it was only May Fourth)

As I already spoiled in the title of this ungrateful email, ¡We had baptisms this weekend!

But that comes later.

At the beginning of this week my Comp (Ramirez) and I determined that we would have to teach Jose every day of the week in order to prepare him for his suddenly very close Baptismal date.

We also would have to be keeping constant and daily communication with Jaime seeing as he was an investigator with a baptismal date (Kind of a rule with the whole daily contact thing, for reference see the last page of Preach my Gospel or page 158 line 3 from the top of the page) ( not sure that´s necesarry) (or that I just spelled nesecarry right, but who the heck is going to correct me)

SO this week we have been passing by every day both Jaime y Jose, to the point I am sure that members became worried we had lost our minds.  (That actually was confirmed by our new Ward mission leader a few days ago)

In that very same meeting with our Ward  mission leader we realized that there was absolutely no gas in the building, making a baptism with warm water impossible.  SO we made sure that Jose and Jaime would be okay with it and we moved on.

On the day and at the hour of the baptism (actually a half hour after the PROGRAMMED hour of the baptism) everything was prepared, oh so we thought.

The DVD player we were going to use didn´t actually function and as I found out upon Jaime and his nephew's entrance into the font (his nephew from Quintero baptized him, his name is David) David hadn´t practiced at all and was questioning me frantically to know the right wording of the ordinance. In the end, poor Jaime, having agreed to be plunged into cold water once, was made to do it two more times, due to improper wording and incomplete submersion.  Needless to say, the Elder's quorum class the following sunday we practiced performing the ordinance of baptism.  

In the case of lessons taught this week the majority were taught to the two who got baptized this past weekend, but, while in intercambios we found and awesome couple of old investigators from another area who had moved here a few months back.  When we contacted them they actually told us they had seen us and commented on our approach before we had begun talking to them.  Yes, Talking to EVERYONE, is important, if not, we would not be helping these two get married and baptized.  

Speaking of marriage and baptism, there is one similar case, we have been helping an inactive member who moved from Peru, is super tall and named Wladimir (the ¨w¨is pronounced like a ¨v¨ ). He brought his soon to be wife who isn´t a member to church this week.  ETERNAL FAMILY!!!!

Love Elder Enright

From the left, One handsome gringo, Hno Jorquera, Jose Ignacio, Elder Ramirez, Jaime, David Gonzalez (nephew of Jaime, is actually from Quintero)


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