Monday, May 5, 2014

DAISY´S BACK!! :D :) (: ;P :D :D :D !!! (Rhys)

First, before I say anything else I want to make sure that everyone knows what made my whole week this past Tuesday: when Elder Batt (shared a pensh with me in Formosa and also conveniently stayed there up until these last transfers and now is in the same zone as I am) told me that Daisy (as in the Daisy, awesome super cool prepared Daisy from that one email about Daisy and something else) got Baptized!!!!!!  Apparently the guy that she was with and who also ended up scaring her away from us because he really didn´t want to get married, moved away and she got baptized shortly after. Also, inactive family that we were working with to reactivate? Super active now and helping the missionary work last I heard. I´m only a little sad that all this happened after I left, but I´m so happy and even more motivated to return after the mish and visit Argentina when the whole country is Mormon!!

Whew, alright, now to the week. Our whole district got skunked like crazy this last Sunday when we had a single investigator, from the whole district, come to church, but before that, it was really sick! However, that made the Sunday an even bigger bummer when none of our news came to church. 

Basically only have one or two cool stories worth sharing, both involving Danilo, who, if he had his way, would be hanging out with us all day every day, which I wouldn´t actually mind too much. But one night, me and Elder Ware received a call from Danilo that he wanted us to come over immediately. Since we didn´t have too much left to do, or too much time, we let him know we´d be over and rushed to see what was so important. When we get to Danilo´s house, he lets me know that he´d been talking to my mom on face (what everyone calls facebook) and that he wanted me to be able to write to her. I told him that I wasn´t allowed, which only frustrated him and he tried to tell me that´s dumb. But luckily, Jonatan (another recent convert) was there and he knows a bit of English (hoping to go to the States on a mish in a few years) and he acted as my scribe as we slowly spelled things out and communicated with the greatest mom in the world, Danilo kept telling me that it would be way faster and way better if I would just do it, but I can wait until Mother's Day for that. 

The other story is just us going to Danilo´s house for his birthday (his birthday is the 3rd of May, but we celebrated the night of the fourth, so it was like we were celebrating the Star Wars holiday, May the Fourth)

And I´m shot for cool stories, other than we´ll be getting up at roughly 2:30 tomorrow to head up to Saenz Peña for a conference, buying snacks for that ride tonight.

Elder Enright

Fionnula requested a TMNT cup picture of Rhys eating the cup.....


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