Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day (Rhys)

To start off, I think that first of all I should explain the photo. Every single Mother´s Day and Christmas of the year, we missionaries get to call home via skype and talk for a certain amount of time with our wonderful families. And I got to call from the house of a super cool member who I may have mentioned earlier, Danilo, and his equally awesome cousin, Soledad. And a quick explanation of the cup: every week, I send one picture of me with this cup in it to my family to fulfill an agreement that I made with a sister of mine. The end.

I´m not going to take up too much time, even though a lot has happened this week, so I´ll make it real fast. Did divisions with the zone leaders (super sick!), we went to Saenz Peña for a multi zone conference and I got to see ELder Cannon again and some other elders (namely ELder Mudrovich). The family that we´re teaching came to church for the first time and their kids loved it and the little boy kept telling his dad after wards that  he had to get a white shirt and tie for next time. The sad part is that Oscar and Gisela haven´t been to church for 2 weeks now, and the problem that we´re working on fixing for both the families marriage (aaaaahahahahah!!!ggghghghghgh!!!) that describes my week in a nutshell.

Elder Enright

Mother's Day Skype.
Division with Elder Mendoza from Lima, Peru.
Foto de la conderencia

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