Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day, and the week that seems to have come before it. (Kegan)

Yesterday was Mother's day, and as you all know, at least I think you do.... but to be sure we are all on the same page, Mothers Day is the only day of the year other than Christmas that we, as missionaries, can call and talk to our families.  

Thanks to amazing tiny cameras, and a lot of other computer stuff I swear to one day understand (aka Skype) I was able to both see and speak with my Awesome Family in Colorado, my awesome sister at BYU-I, my awesome twin brother Rhys who for some tragic reason is stuck somewhere in Argentina, and hear, but Not see, my sister Bayley serving in Texas. (Shout out to the super similar state flag of Texas to that of Chile!!)

It was super...super to talk with my family again but also very scary that it felt as if zero time had passed since we had last spoken via Skype (Christmas).  Yet another evidence of how rapidly the time passes here in the mission, I don´t like it too much.

However fast time DOES, pass here on the mission it does seem to just keep getting better and better. 

This week my companion and I have been adjusting from what was blistering cancer-causing heat, to super wet and foggy cold.  The change in the weather caught us a bit by surprise, but my companion is certainly happier in cold weather than in warm.  

The fog and rain here are both impressively different in some ways to what I am used to.  The rain is hardly even there but super cold, I am told however that I haven´t seen anything of the rain we are expected to get here. The fog on the other hand appears to make everything super wet, Being, you know, water and all, that is to be expected, but it is just super wet and makes it hard to keep anything clean when that means that a dirt path or road is converted to mud.

Our investigators of late have not been progressing, we are going to have another Baptism the 31st of this month.  Milovan, the 9 year-old son of a member who is activating herself, is the baptism candidate.  He is super fun to teach because it is blatantly obvious that he has ADHD tendencies and can´t really focus on the lesson, but he is very intelligent and mature for his age.

Until then Elder Ramirez and I have to re-double our efforts to find those who can commit to come to church and then FULFILL, that commitment, not that I´m trying to say something.

But seriously people, missionary work is serious, help your local missionaries with anything, especially if that means cookies

Love Elder Enright

 Awesome secret garden path thingamigig

Hna Maria and Elder Fetching Four Eyes Enright


Interviews with President Kahnlein.

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