Monday, May 12, 2014

Of Mother's Day and Miracles (Bayley)

So for those of you who are unaware of the fact, on Mother's Day missionaries get to call home - the only day out of the year other than Christmas that we actually get to talk to our families.  So obviously, yesterday was a pretty special day for me.  Not only was I able to talk to my family at home, but I was able to listen to and talk to my brothers in Chile and Argentina and my sister in Idaho who all Skyped in, so that we could all be there together in some way or form for those 40 minutes.  Seriously, SUCH a tender mercy of the Lord, them technologies.  With so many people and so many different method of communication, the phone call was appropriately crazy and loud and often incomprehensible - but as that is usually the way it is in my family anyways, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Calling your family is really so surreal though.  You hear your parents' voices and part of your brain is like "I haven't heard these voices in 5 months - OHMYGOODNESS" and the other part is like "oh hey mom and dad whatsup? just talking on the phone no big deal" and then you hang up and you're in Texas and you have an appointment in ten minutes and you need to teach about the Plan of Salvation and when Mom and Dad say "talk to you later" they mean like in 7 months not like tomorrow, but at the same time you realize it's been 5 months since you talked to them last and that went by like THAT so you know that those 7 months are going to be gone faster than anything.  And then you just write really long run-on sentences in your weekly email because you're trying to figure out if that was actually real life that you just talked to your family yesterday.

True story.

So happy mother's day to all of you out there.  But especially to mothers.  My mommy means the world to me, and since I couldn't give her a hug, I hope yall gave your moms like double the love.  The church put out this really awesome video called "It was Mom" (I think there was a hashtag involved in there too because we're cool now) that did NOT make me cry or tear up even a little bit, and if you haven't seen it, go see it now.


In other news, according to my companion, I was sleep-talk-teaching a lesson last night, with scriptures and all.  I haven't been so happy about unintentionally keeping my companion awake as I was when I heard that.  Nothing like sleep-teaching.

This week we saw a fair number of miracles, as well as many awkward Spanish street contacts.  But definitely more of the latter.

First of all - Sister Paris.  Sister Paris has been coming to church with her husband, Brother Paris (I know crazy right) for 13 years, but has never been baptized.  Yes she's heard the lessons a fair number of times, but it has just never been time.  UNTIL NOW.  Last week, she comes up to me and goes "Sister Enright, I want to take the lessons.  I think it's time for me to get baptized."  

We can do that.

So we've been teaching her the lessons which she knows better than us I think, and she's getting baptized on May 25.  Such a miracle.  I love Sister Paris.  She is seriously one of the coolest people I know.  She has ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls framed and hanging on her wall, and she makes pie out of yogurt.  She's incredible.

Miracle numero dos

Yesterday at church, a couple we've been working with (the wife was baptized last year and the husband will be getting baptized...later on) brought a friend to church with them.  The wife invited me to sit by her friend during gospel principles, and as I sat next to her she began asking me questions about Mormons and what this church is about and what makes us different.  I whipped out my Restoration pamphlet like nobody's business and gave her a mini lesson in the middle of SundaySchool, with the help of the entire gospel principles class chipping in and teaching various points to this visitor with all the questions.  At the end of class she turns to me and goes "this is so amazing, I didn't know this existed.  Can me and my son be baptized?"

As said, we can do that.

She lives in the elders area, so after class I went and introduced them to her, telling them her name and that this is her first time at church and she wants to learn more so she can be baptized.  The look on the elders faces was priceless.  Miracles.

But anyways, to all of you out there, I hope you know how much I love you.  How much I love this work.  How much I love my Savior.  This work is REAL.  This gospel is TRUE.  And there is nothing, NOTHING, better.

Sister Bayley Enright

 Sometimes as missionaries we get to take away other people's cigarettes.  It's the best.

HOBBES.  This is real life guys.

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